Meaning of life for non-believers?

I asked this question in the Apoligist section last night, but it was never answered. :((
It’s been bugging me for quite some time.

I was wondering why God would make it so that the vast majority of mankind has not heard His word, and what the meaning of life would be for people who do not know Him?

I think we can only guess?

They choose to go against God, remember he gave everyone free will.
For many are called but few are chosen
the life of a Christian is a hard one not everyone is able to take that path.

How can a person go against God if he has never heard the word of God?

If some one has never heard of The Gospel of Jesus Christ, then they are judged based purely on their works and how they lived according to the Natural Law that God has written on the hearts of all men. For example, the Americas before Catholicism was shared with them.

Saw my priest today and asked him my question.

His answer was essentially that we were made for God, and that God was not made for us. God enjoys and loves us, and the rest of His entire creation, whether or not we know Him. So the ability to know this in some small, human way, is a great gift given to a small minority by the mustard seed of Christ’s blood. And it is a great and precious gift to be able to share in the process of magnifying that powerful love to others in a pure way.

We are so lucky to be part of His family and to know the fullness of truth. But it is a difficult truth, and we are so frail! He is incredibly merciful to let us have the decision to love Him.


I misspelled apologist. :blush:
Not one for posting in the philosophy OR apologistzac section.

I think the meaning of life is Love, for anyone worth spending any time with. I know quite a few who are not practicing Catholics, but who do love. So it isn’t as if life for a non-believer is inherently devoid of meaning, as if to say that one must believe in God before one is able to love. That simply, in my experience of people, is not true. Love comes first. Belief in God who is Love can come after that, but not before. It can come together with it, but one who believes in God without believing in Love would be better off, in my opinion, becoming an atheist, and finding Love, and then believing in God.

So in my view, Love is the meaning of life, for believers and non-believers alike. But believers have access to more Love.

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