Meaning of names Damian and Malachi

I wasn’t sure where to post this, but here at the office, we were listening to the radio and they announced a baby boy named Damian Malachi. Now, I know that Malachi is a book in the Bible and there are Sts.Damian, but this other lady swears that the parents must be devil worshippers for the name they gave their child. I think there was an episode of south park where they had a kid named Damian who said he was the spawn of the devil . . .

What is the truth of the matter here? I know they sound ominous, but aren’t these Christian names? I don’t know all the ‘proper’ names that satan goes by . . .your input would be greatly appreciated.

I think the lady might be thinking of the character from the “Omen” films where the anti-christ was called Damien. This is probably what South Park was alluding to in calling the spawn of the devil Damien. Go with the fact that there are saints Damien and don’t worry about any works of fiction that claim the name for the devil.

I know of two men who became Benedictine monks, and the names given to them upon professing vows was Damien.

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