Meaning of "patience"

My Dad had great devotion to Our Lady of Perpetual Help and in our family home an icon of Our Lady of Perpetual Help held a place of honour. My Dad passed on to me great confidence and trust in Our Lady’s Advocacy and on all occasions regardless and under the title and icon “Our Lady of Perpetual Succor (or Help)”. Hence icons have always rather fascinated me. My director (priest) has traveled a couple of times overseas and has brought back with him some beautiful icons as he also has love and appreciation of them too and they comprise most all his wall pictures in his residence - so we have this interest in common. I plan to lend him the book I am currently reading again. Came across it in my library yesterday in a rather special way.
I am reading this book again prior to lending it to Father. The title etc. appears below*** .

I am a person who finds patience often very difficult and to my great and joyful enlightenment on P 36 I read:

“As our eyes move from her eyes to her hands (referring to icon of “The Virgin of Vladimir” also known as “Our Lady of Tenderness - brackets mine), we slowly recognize her profound patience. The word “patience” comes from the Latin “Pati” which means “to suffer”."

This also tells me something about my “special way” of coming across the book in my totally disorganized library - but not connected to the subject of this thread…
Why that did not register on a first read, I don’t know. I purchased it in 2001, always noting on books I buy (or try to remember to do so) my name and phone number, plus date of purchase.
As one to whom patience can at times be a suffering, I thought I would share that the word patience does indeed imply “suffering”…and for those who like me can find patience difficult and a trial. Sometimes things just don’t seem to go our way, as we hope, our plans can come adrift…we need trust and patience that The Lord always knows best. Indeed we may never see and recognize this best in our own lifetime…we need patiently wait until Heaven for all to fall into place and for “every tear to be wiped away”.

Sometimes we dont fall into the concepts and ideas of others…and this can cause suffering too and we need to be patient with ourselves and with those others or other too. We need to be patient as the Will of God unfolds for us…it is not always sighted immediately, nor within the immediate notions of others that it should.

****** “Behold The Beauty of The Lord” – Praying with Icons by Henri J. M. Nouwwen. (Ave Maria Press, Indiana).***

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