Meaning of titles beneath profile avatar?

Could someone explain what the titles mean beneath peoples avatars? Forum Supporter, Book Club Member, etc? How did they get them too

I don’t think the Book Club is active anymore, but maybe someone who was involved and has the title can explain that. Forum Supporters are people who have donated to keep CAF active.

I have the Prayer Warrior title which is probably the most common. If you want to sign up to be a “Prayer Warrior,” go to the Prayer Intentions forum and click on the “Prayer Warriors Needed” sticky, and follow the instructions. It’s basically a promise that I pray for the intentions posted in the Prayer Intentions forum, and post about once a week (I probably hit about that, although I pray quite often without posting, too.)

I’m a “regular member” (level 4)
Regular Member - > 500 posts and > 6 months membership

More info here. :slight_smile:

You can also get extra titles by joining groups.
Profile > User Control Panel > Edit Your Details > Networking > Group Memberships

Edit: nevermind. I had a posted paragraph about my chosen religious label, not ‘junior member’.

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