Means of Grace Question

At church we have been discussing “means of grace” lately. So naturally I have to come to CAF and ask you good Catholic folks a couple of questions.

  1. What is your definition of “means of Grace”?

  2. Are there any other means of Grace beside the sacraments in Catholic theology?

The Sacraments are the seven channels of grace instituted by Christ. They are normative. God is not limited in any other manner as to how, when, or to whom He grants His grace, but Christ did not initiate the Sacraments on a goof, or as a dare. Each and every thing He said and did has eternal import.


So Catholics don’t see prayer, listening to preaching/teaching/studying the Bible, singing in worship, giving financially to church and missions , and serving (in church or missions) as a means of grace?

Humility is a means of grace. The Bible tells me so.

Lanman, maybe you missed the word “other” in this sentence. I have certainly experienced Gods grace through the sacraments. But I have also experienced his grace through all the other things you mentioned. The sacraments don’t tie his hands… For me, one specific huge means of his grace was a Catholic retreat I made in high school, where I first understood that God was asking me to give my whole life to him, to make him first in every part of my life. My every dealing with him is filled with grace, not because of me but because of the abundance of his love. But the sacraments as we understand them are special and are a more certain means of his grace.


Any which way that we earnestly seek are means of grace.

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God gives us all grace through the Blessed Virgin, the Mother of Mercy. So devotion to her is a powerful means of grace.


You receive grace through baptism when you recieve the Holy Spirit. The only way to lose that is by turning your back on God, blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.

Im not sure what “means of grace” are but the sacraments are physical ways of showing grace… or something like that… to help build the grace you already have.

Eucharist, confirmation, penance… there are 7.

All you do (the stuff you mentioned) when done by God’s will shows you are filled with the Holy Spirt and with God’s grace.

You cant earn grace, its freely given to you when you accept Jesus Christ… through faith in Our Lord.

Well, of course we do! But, we cannot, absolutely must not neglect what our Lord both taught and commanded us to do. A profound interior life is one of the essentials.

Do you have a copy of Catholicism for Dummies? Excellent book for ALL Christians.

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A person loses sanctifying grace by committing a mortal sin (which may or may not be "blasphemy against the Holy Spirit).

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Which can be restored through repentance and the sacrament of penance. Jesus says the only unforgivable sin is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit… if you turn you back on God, reject what He offers freely then how can you restore anything in any way… other then that all sins are forgivable.

That is what I understand as well. A “Means of Grace” isn’t a way to earn grace but are ways we can live in the Grace He has freely given us.

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Why are there only 7. Why aren’t the things I’ve mentioned that are also commanded by Christ and the Apostles not considered sacraments?

Echoing St. John of the Cross, St. Therese of Lisieux said, “All is grace.”

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Not sure, but someone will reply.

Also I think Baptisms gives you grace as a baby or when you accept the Lord as an adult. Then Penance repairs your grace when you sin and The Eucharist helps you stay in grace or reminds you of the grace given to you when take in the body and blood of Christ… so I’m thinking the sacraments of baptism gives you grace but the other scraments reaffirms the grace freely given.

Some of the things you mentioned like charity are signs of faith, the Holy Spirit guiding you… living by God will. The reason you do them, only God knows if its cause if the grace He gave you.

The other things you mentioned, like bible reading, going to church… not sure how those are defined other then people should do them to grow in their relationships with Christ. I think it will aldonshownthe grace God gave you is strong or atleast working in you cause you want to do them.

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