Meanwhile Lehman Bros head took home $300m

but he doesn’t want you to feel sorry for him:bighanky:

Phew! I’m glad the top execs are OK! :aok:

So you guys are A Ok about this?


I don’t think anyone is “OK” with it. I’d venture to say that everyone is thoroughly disgusted to the point of speechlessness.

Yeah, that sums it up well. Speechless from disgust and powerlessness. This is not a government “by the people, for the people, of the people”. This is a government beholden to Wall Street and foreign creditors.

You are right, Jen.

This is maddening. Mind boggling. It does leave one sad and speechless. I don’t understand how and why this continues to happen. $300 mm??? While his employees go uninsured…I believe he drew up a memo taking away the healthcare benefits for their employees. :frowning:

IMHO I don’t want to see one more ad or “breaking news” story as to whom is responsible for what. I want to see each and every elected public “servant” work together and FIX the situation. Even if it hurts this situation needs fixed not bandaged.

This is not about blame. This is about theft.

Now,y’all. Anybody for a nice fresh cup of coffee?
it’s a wonderful morning! Thank the Lord!:grouphug::flowers::coffeeread::heaven:

i want to see investigation and prosecution. how could this happen in the united states of america? it makes me feel like everything i have believed about our country is a myth.

disappointed, let down, shocked, bewildered and sad are just several adjectives to describe how i have felt since last week.

the Pope said it best when he said the world economy is built on sand.

what the head of lehman brothers did was unbelievable and disgusting and pure greed, but there are many more out there like him.

i’m not calling for a firing squad, but shouldn’t some of these actions by these CEO’s, lending institutions, etc. be considered criminal?






I suspect the investigations would lead too close to Washington for the comfort of many in government, and that’s why no criminal charges will be brought. Three-quarters of a million jobs lost so far this year, health benefits cut left and right, people losing their homes and overflowing homeless shelters, and our government wants to make sure the big guys on Wall Street aren’t going to suffer. Absolutely disgusting.

Look I want the people that did this is in jail or maybe even under the jail as my mom said. This is just not the time to lay the blame. There will be lots of time for that after we get things under control.

Add to the official loses… My 401(k). I got the fund mix just the way I wanted it and WAS doing quite well. Well, it didn’t take long for that to crash and burn.

I wonder how those retired folks who use their 401(k) for income are getting along…

Yeah, no kidding. I don’t even want to look at my husband’s 401(k) statement right now, and we’re still in our early 30s. We’ve got time to recover. My parents, OTOH, are nearing 60 and I know my dad’s planning to retire at 65. My mom would like to keep working for as long as she’s able, but she works for an automotive supplier and as one of the older workers, she’s quite vulnerable if the company forces her department to make cuts. As my dad’s already had to take a big pay cut in the last 10 years due to losing his 28-year job at an auto supplier factory (when the execs closed up shop and moved out of the country), I’m not sure how they’re going to manage if mom loses her job and by extension loses their health insurance. They have a small house, all major debts are paid, they finally purchased a new car for the first time in about 9 years, after it was no longer cost-effective to maintain one of the older cars. They’re not living exorbitantly. Dad has hypertension and high cholesterol, both of which are managed very well with diet, exercise, and a few meds, but I suspect that would constitute a “pre-existing condition” and he would not be insurable.

I know kids are supposed to help their aging parents, but we’re just getting by ourselves. Heating, food, and gas prices have all gone up so much recently and our incomes have not changed at all. We aren’t saving anymore because we can’t.

You don’t know that our politicians are puppets on a string, that republicans and democrats are merely two masks on the same face? McCain and Obama are both CFR dupes, which is why they can’t say anything except blather nonsense.

Why do you think Nancy Pelosi’s first response to the crisis was to say that Congress should adjourn. She made a mistake by telling the truth. But her response was too much of a tip off, so she was told to change her script, and now the show goes on with all the political blather added on for cover.

When Congress voted no to the bailout, the next day the Fed dumped $350 billion into the market. How did that happen when Congress voted no (HAW, HAW)? So now Congress fixed their mistake in order to provide cover for their puppet masters.

What is democracy?

A. It’s mob rule. American style democracy is mob rule dressed up in a sports coat.

Three hundred fifty two people own one half of all the assets in America. Do you think they are going to let you tell them what to do by taking votes?

A. No, they control the agenda, because they control what information goes out on the major managed media, and hence they control political choices. They let you vote, so you will think that you’re not a slave. They must laugh like fools knowing Americans will vote for Obama - someone no one even heard of two years ago, someone with no record, no specifics - all because the man on TV says Obama’s up in the polls and wants change.

What are Obama’s real credentials? Oh, yeah, CFR member, thirty second degree Freemason. In other words, a Luciferian. Bush, Clinton, McCain - all of them, no better.

NWO types love the war tool (there is no moral equivalent to war), want broken boarders, population reduction by abortion, euthanasia, a wrecked dollar, so that they can move us to an Amero, a popular culture of meaninglessness. It really doesn’t matter what the politicians say to contradict any of this, because THAT is the practical agenda: a New World Order, as announced by Bush I on 9/11.

The tragedy with your story, is that where is your family’s ‘bail out’ plan? It seems that those who made bad decisions, albeit because they were coerced/tempted, or not (someone did not hold a gun to consumers heads to purchase homes beyond their means) will be bailed out of their bad decisions, and the rest of us who pay our bills…or try to…don’t see any relief? I’m not looking for a hand out…nor do I need one at this time …but…I have had times when I have gone over my head with our debt…where’s my bail out?

Just seems that if one is not responsible, it gets rewarded in the end. Yes, there were those that were taken for a ride, but a lot of folks who are in financial messes, wanted to live beyond their means. I am guilty of it at times in my life too, but no one bailed me out.

It angers me that there seems to be no financial pat on the back for people like your parents!!!:mad:

My heart goes out to your parents, and anyone else who might be struggling to figure out the next course of action in this economy…they are in my prayers.

a lot of this bailout plan does not seem fair.

i have owned my home since 1989 and before the real estate collaps had easily $250,000 of equity. i have wanted to sell my house for two years, but can’t because of the market. i could sell it and lose about $100,000 equity.
i faithfully made mortgage payments for 19 years thinking i was making a good investment. why isn’t someone bailing me out?

i heard john mccain say the other night about buying up the bad mortgages and rewriting them? these are the mortgages that are for more than the current value of the home. is it my fault these people went out and bought at that time and got into these mortgages?

there is welfare, food stamps, disability, medicare, and now bailouts!!

meanwhile, i faithfully pay my taxes every year also paying for these programs and for people who don’t want to accept their share of responsibility.

Well, it came to pass. I just got the call last night from my mom and she was let go from her company, along with 20 other people from her building (and who knows how many more across the country as her company made cuts at all locations). Turns out things are not quite as dire as I had feared and my parents had been able to get insurance through my father’s workplace (although she doesn’t know for how much longer they will have good benefits). Still, it’s scary.

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