Measles Outbreak in New York City



I unapologetically blame the anti-vaccination crowd.

The fact that we are having a major measles outbreak in 2014 in a major city in North America despite having a vaccine that has been widely available for nearly a half-century is embarrassing.


Nice. Point fingers and declare guilt without having any facts to back it up.

Did you know that there are on avg 60 cases of measles a year? And regardless of vaccination, a small percent of people never develop immunity from the disease? Or how about the fact that of the 9 children inflicted in NY only 2 were not vaccinated by choice? Or that even if you got the shot when you were younger, a second dose is required later on?

Pertussis was all but gone as well, but it’s making a comeback too, even in vaccinated individuals.


Well, even doctors here in NYC are saying that it is mainly because of the people who don’t vaccinate their kids.


Yep. I’m not really one for the government to force its will on others; however, for matters such as these, I am seriously starting to think that vaccination for major diseases such as MMR should be mandatory.


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