Meat on Friday in Lent


If you ate meat on Friday in Lent, knowingly sinning, would you count each bite as 1x, or each meat/serving of meat as 1x and add another every time you have another serving of that meat, or each meal as 1x?


You are asking how many times you would have sinned? I would assume you would have sinned once per occasion, just as a burglar who steals 10 items at one time is committing one sin. In other words, once per event–once per meal.


Pass the zebra cakes to the op, but wait until midnight… It’s still Friday.
Every bite doesn’t count as a sin because we count each meal.


The abstinence or fast pertains to a *day *midnight to midnight. If you were obligated and did not observe it, it would be one occurrence per day.


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