Meat: What you don't know can kill you

People are dying for hamburger. Is it worth it?

You’ll have to sit through a short commercial preceding this excerpt from the Larry King Show.
Larry King and panel talk about loved ones consuming and being injured by contaminated meat products.

Haven’t we had enough animal rights posts lately? :rolleyes:

This thread has nothing to do with animal rights. Apparently you did not see the Larry King Show.

I suggest that you view the material before you respond. If you are not interested in the discussion, feel free to find another thread that captures your interest!!!

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ah, well, at least were dying for a noble cause:D

You obviously also didn’t view the material. I would like to keep this discussion respectful. These children died, and out of respect to their parents, can we please refrain from cracking jokes?

Sorry, I went back and saw part of the video. Yes we should have better prevention against things like this. No I’m not going to stop eating meat because of it. I think that it’s best to eat organic meat and know your source. have you seen “King Corn”? -you might enjoy it.:slight_smile:

I haven’t seen “King Corn.” Is that a video? I have seen Food, Inc. a newly released documentary film, which is about the monopolies and corruption in the food industry. Cows being fed corn, instead of grass, is what is responsible for the surge in E.coli outbreaks. Corn fed cows get fatter quicker, go to slaughter quicker, and also produce more bacteria in their intestines to combat the difficulty that they have in digesting the unnatural diet that they are fed.

Yes, it is a video, and it actually is pretty interesting to watch (some documentaries are rather boring). I have heard that if they don’t slaughter the cows soon enough, they will die anyways from all the corn they stuff them with.

The twenty-nine minute video stopped loading after 4 minutes 17 seconds, so I couldn’t see all of it. But I would comment that the title of you post is very misleading; they didn’t get sick/die of hamburger, they got sick/died from contaminated hamburger. How is that any different than the people two years ago who died from eating the same contaminate (e-coli bacteria) on green onions at Taco Bell, or this year with baby spinach?

It’s not the food itself that is the villain, it’s the bacteria. The normal, recommended cooking process kills this bacteria, which is why you see those notices in restaurant menus about undercooked/raw foods. We should be looking at the cook, not the cow.


I’ll check out this video. Does it also go into all the corn filler and high fructose corn syrup that the big companies pump into other foods?


Contaminated hamburger, yes. And just how does it get contaminated??? The general public does not know–and expects the food industry to protect them–when the food industry is doing things that increase the likelihood of contamination–all in the name of making the almighty dollar.

Should we roll the dice, cross our fingers, and hope that none of our families succumb to E.coli tainted beef? Or should we consumers learn more about what the big companies are doing, for our own protection, for the protection of all society?

The E.coli tainted produce comes from E.coli tainted water, which comes from the feces from the animals.

I completely disagree with putting the responsibility on the cook. We have more incidence of E.coli outbreaks today, because of practices within the food industry.

So you don’t agree with the parents in the video whose children died? Unsafe product is sold and it is*** the cook ***who is responsible if her child dies? If the food industry feeds an improper diet to it’s cattle, so that they can make more money faster, it is the responsibility of the cook or the restaurant, ***not the industry ***who creates the contaminated product?

Very interesting video. I’ve been meaning to cut back on beef consumption - especially ground beef - simply as part of my fitness goals but this adds another dimension to it.

For the sake of enviornmental concerns, which the Pope calls us to heed, as well as a personal regard for the ‘way we were created’ I’ve made it a personal goal to (humanely) hunt the vast majority (if not the entirety) of the meat I consume.

This eliminates the inhumane and unnatural ways the animals are sheltered, caged, fed, and medicated while they are raised from birth to be slaughtered and it also eliminates the environmental toll that factory farming has. I consider the meat to be healthier since the animals are feeding on natural foods, running and excersising, and not standing and wallowing in feces all day.

The only obstacle is that I do not currently hunt. I’m going to get a licsense and I may have a compound bow coming my way pretty soon.

Just my two cents. Maybe one.

I like your approach very much. Myself, I am working towards a goal of eating meat from sources I am aware of, specifically meat not from factories but from companies that raise the animals openly and healthy, and then slaughter them in the most humane way possible when the time comes. Doing a net search will bring up plenty of meat companies that take this approach.

I also really like your idea of hunting for meat. A good friend of mine does this regularly, specifically deer and turkey. And of course, he fishes! I wish I had more time to do this, but it is something I will keep in mind for myself.

Because it is an end around to bring up animal rights and to push a vegan lifestyle.

It doesn’t matter.

If the food is properly prepared, there is no need for alarm.

The cook should well know the possibility of contamination and work around it.

I remember well working in a restaurant and watching employees fired for failing to adhere to the proper procedures and causing cross contamination.

I fail to see the sense in not holding the food preparer responsible for properly handling and preparing the food.

It may seem cold, but I disagree that having a child that has died makes anyone an expert or places their opinion on any type of higher authority.

I also recommend the King Corn. Informative and presented in an entertaining fashion.

I’ve started buying organic foods from local farms and such. Tastes better and doesn’t have all of the junk in it, and actually has nutritional value. Its actually made a noticeable impact on my health. Its also nice to know I’m helping local family farms.

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