I was eat cheese pizza and when I looked at my plate there was a piece of pepperoni. After I found it I still was chewing on the pizza and swallowed it. Was it a sin? I would think that it was a venial sin since I had lack of knowledge since I thought there was no meat. Am I correct?

No, there has to be intent for it to be a mortal sin.

Phew, thank you for answering my question.

You’re welcome.

The only way I could see there being an issue is if you deliberately chose to swallow that bite of pizza, knowing full well it had meat in it, just because you wanted to avoid the discomfort of spitting it out.

But in this case the one piece of pepperoni wasn’t necessarily evidence that you had some in your mouth, and you probably didn’t have time to think about it before it went down the pipe anyway. :smiley:

By the time I had noticed the slice, I was already chew on a piece, and I don’t know if this is a good rule of thumb for me is, if you have food in your mouth that is chewed just assumed it is not the food that it was a minute ago due to the saliva (and part of mucus due to allergies). Now, I do know how pepperoni does feel like so I started to check pieces that did feel like pepperoni. It was also a small piece of the pepperoni in my plate, so I did give myself the benefit of the doubt that the small piece was from the other pizza (pepperoni which I didn’t have) that happened to land on the slice that I got and it fell off.

Also since this is the first time this has happened I was confused at what I should do. I was wondering on whether I should spit it out or just sallow what I was already choosing. I didn’t finish the final bit that I had to finish .

You’re overthinking it. You did fine, now don’t worry. Don’t fall into the scrupulosity trap.

There is so much more God really wants us to be concerned about.

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