Meatless lunches at Catholic School


Our Catholic school is trying to improve their lunch menu and I was thinking about suggesting that they do not serve meat on Fridays. Obviously, they do not during lent so it shouldn’t be that much of a problem. Do any other Catholic schools have meatless school lunches on Fridays?


our school actually has quite decent lunches, I eat them often when I have no time to go out. They have at least one meatless meal a week, but not always on Friday. Cheese enchiladas, fish sticks or fish sandwich, tuna melt, bean burrito, mac and cheese, cheese pizza.


We have so many Catholics in our community, even the local public school has meatless Fridays during Lent.:slight_smile:


yes, i did growing up. i don’t think it’s too much to ask to serve the meatless meals on all Fridays throughout the year.

even at my secular job (where staff and kids are not allowed to celebrate any holidays whatsoever) our cook serves meatless meals on Fridays, though i think it’s just during Lent. i don’t think anyone’s ever questioned it, which is good!


at least your Catholic school had not meat on Fridays in Lent. Mine thought that would be too unfair to the few Muslums, Jews, or others that still could eat meat. There was a vegetarian option but it was not very good so no one ate it and with the peer pressure, all the Catholics ate the meat as well and no one even said anything.


At public schools in the 1960s we never had meat on Fridays. There was fish, macaroni, or beans and cornbread.


The school that my daughter went to doesn’t serve meat on Fri. year round. When we had to switch schools one of the first things I noticed was the meat on Fri., I thought every Catholic school refrained from serving meat on Fri., until then.


How neat :thumbsup:

Here in the Bible Belt, the parking lots of Longhorn and Outback are full as usual, even on Good Friday :frowning:


Maybe they’re eating salmon or shrimp?:rolleyes:


Our Catholic school served meatless Friday lunches year round.

The public high school I went to served two options on Fridays - meat or meatless. However, during Lent, the only option was meatless.


I remember meatless Fridays at public school during lent too. My dd’s HS does meatless Fridays during lent but our public school does not that I know of.

If you choose to go meatless all year long, you can choose another day to do so. I know my boss and his family do meatless Wednesdays all year long AND Fridays during lent.


Our schools tend to have a meatless option everyday. I am not sure why. We do have a growing Muslim population. Many of those will not eat the meat at school because it isnt Hallel(sp?) Of course right now they are not eating or drinking durng the school day at all
When I lived in the dorm at Uof M in the early70’s We asked for a meatless option on Fridays during lent. We had several choices so we asked for one meatless. They could n’t discriminate for one religion. So we had salad or yougurt and the veggies.


The school my grandchildren attend has no hot lunch program.

The public school in our area always has a meatless option.


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