Mecca - Can someone shed some light.


I went to a catholic school as a child. For some reason I seem to remember learning about mecca in the bible. I think:o I dont know if it was because i just had it in a dream cuz of recent conversations on islam ive had or was mecca mentioned in the bible. For some reason I relate it to people travelling through a desert and having nothing to eat untill fruit fell from the sky or something like that.

Can anyone shed some light on what it is I might be thinking of?:cool:


Anyone? :stuck_out_tongue:


Muslim apologists sometimes claim that Mecca is mentioned in the Bible. It’s not - though the “valley of Bacah” (in some versions, “valley of weeping” - both translations are possible) is; the valley of Bacah, being the Beqaa valley in modern Lebanon.

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I did a search of both the NAB and Douay-Rheims, mecca was not found in either.


Pick up the Bible and read the Book of Exodus and Deuteronomy. There you will find the story of God providing the Jews with Manna(bread from heaven). they were wandering for 40 years in the desert until they eventually went into the Promised Land modern day Israel.


thats what i needed thanks…wierd how i still remember something of mecca. i might just be trippin.:thumbsup:


Well. I’m not too sure where it may be in the Bible but I’m pretty sure it is based on
Hagar and Ishmael ,after being banished by Abraham and Sarah, wandering and crying for mercy. God’s promise was to make Abraham’s decendents
as numerous as the stars including Isaac’s half-brother Ishmael. When (H)Agar
called out for mercy God opened her eyes and she saw a well…Genesis 21


As far as I know, it’s not in the Bible - but for Moslems, they’d believe it’s because the Jews edited it out


Family familiarity breeds contempt. The hatred of half brothers.


I think you confused Mecca with Manna, the food God sent :slight_smile:


interesting. The first miracle Jesus did was in Qana in Southern Lebanon. There are books as well that say Betlehem where Jesus was born is not in Southern Israel as was thought but in Northern Israel which happens to be now Southern Lebanon. Has anyone heard of this?


In Islamic terms it has a ring of internal logic. They’d need to suppose that the Jews mucked up the message of God, else there’d be no need for Muhammed to come along and set things right.

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