Mecca pilgrims scam.

It seems that Muslim guy wanted to have his share also instead of giving it all to Saudi Arabia…:wink:

Its a pity that there are people who do not have any sympathy and conscience. I know that Muslims save up a lot for the pilgrimage to Mecca, it is heartless of that man to take advantage of them.

Let’s hope he isn’t killed by radicals. Or inmates. Or squirrels.

Sounds like the guy had a gambling problem and it got the better of him. His love for money did him in like it did Judas. :smiley:

Or ninja frogs. :eek:

**That was good of Sam_777 to bring to our notice. Thanks to Sam. I admire the British law and the police activity. They really help. When I was in Britian, I was told “Whenever in trouble, go to the Police.” I did a few times and was very much honored and helped. No problem at all.

So I say, “Long Live the Queen.”

There is another note to that; During the 2nd World War, some one asked Sir Winston Churchill about winning or losing the war (because the odds were against Britian at that time). Churchill said “We will win the war.”

The person asked, “How !, Why?”

Churchill replied, “We have courts. They are dishing out justice. People are getting justice. So we will win the war…”

How very True were the words of Sir Winston Churchill !!**

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