Mecca stone/Sivalingam in Hinduism-same?

I often wondered about the black stone in Mecca and the Sivalingam (rock that is worshipped in Hiduism) so I found the Hindu explanation of the word and wondered what the definition of the black rock in Mecca is all about…Anyone know? It seems to be the only 2 faiths I noticed that do stuff with rocks.

The word “linga” in Sanskrit means “sign” or “mark.” It also means “phallus” or “penis.” The Shivalingam at its most literal level represents the union of the male symbol, i.e., the phallus, with the female symbol, i.e., the yoni or vagina. The union of Male and Female may be viewed as a symbol of creation.

However, biological gender in Tantra is used as a metaphor for one being in two aspects. Men and women are human beings. In this aspect they are one. But the gender difference makes them also different, two different aspects of one humanity.

In a similar way Consciousness is one, but it has two aspects, a dynamic aspect and a static, witnessing aspect. The dynamic aspect in Hindu Tantra is represented by the Feminine, Mahadevi. She creates the world from her own being and plays in the world as all the forms we see, humans, animals, and plants, and all inanimate objects, also. The Witness aspect is represented by the Male aspect, Mahadeva, or Shiva. He merely watches the Mother’s play. So at its most abstract level the lingam represents Consciousness (cit) in its two aspects.

There is another purpose for the symbol. The goal of spiritual life is to realize directly the one Consciousness that has become everything, i.e., to see God everywhere. By representing the Deity in the form of sex organs, we are invited to see the Divine in sex as well as in other phenomena in this world. It is an affirmation of non-dual Truth. This applies also to the violent and horrific imagery we see in some tantric art. There is nothing in this world that is outside the Divine Being.

So, you see how rich is the symbolism of the Shivalingam that represents the Divine from its grossest to subtlest aspects.

Theer is nothing bieng worshipped in teh whole of mecca except God. Did you research first ?

I only know about a black stone in Mecca that everyone gathers to. It may not be worship - is it veneration?

Why is it there? What is the purpose?

Then what is al-Hajar-ul-Aswad?

I think in Hiduism, their rock is an ANICONIC Image of God. (Shiva) so, I am just wondering since Islam is monotheistic if this is their Image of God.

It is supposed to be such a special thing so I just want to know what it represents.

Meedo knows a lot about these things. Maybe someone else will know.

Its just a stone.

If a muslim worship it he goes to hell. Its a mere stone. It has been smashed into pieces and was glued togeather sometime along ago.

It was a stone that has decended from Heaven and was used to build the Kaba. It reflects the sin of humanity. It was white when it decended but as humans sin it grew darker untill it became black.

It isnt worshoiped and it doesnt have any powers. Just a stone.


Thanks Meedo.

I guess the Ka’ba is what is worshiped then and not the stone in it?

Or what is it an altar?

Salam Meedo!

The black stone was worshipped in pre-Islamic days. Muhammed just “baptized” it into Islam. If anyone else treated a stone like that Muslims would claim it was idolatry. The whole Meccan pilgrimage is essentially a pagan rite with a patina of Islam over it.

Wow. I was told there are 360 Idols in that thing!!!:eek:

It should not surprise me since I know muslims can pray at graves.

They would say that is praying to the dead if it were us doing it.:rolleyes:

By the way, meedo uses the expression “just a stone that descended from Heaven” which is flowery language for what is more commonly referred to as “an asteroid”.

How can an asteriod hold the sins of man to make it black from white?:confused:

Isnt it just age of the asteriod that made it black? pollution?

Asteriods dont descend from Heaven or “paradise” but the galaxy! Do they have limits on heaven?

Here is a Muslim site on the “Black Stone”(the emphasis is their own):

The black stone is like the bricks and cement that make up the Kaaba. It is not holy at all and is not worshiped in any shape or form. The black stone is nothing but a Heavenly object (an asteroid) that GOD Almighty descended on earth to determine the exact location of where His House was going to be built by Abraham and his son Ishmael, peace be upon them.

Kinda crummy House to Build for the Allah. Cant even get in it to worship in it.

What kinda house is this? Seems pretty lame for a place to be Built by Abraham for a house for Allah. No details. Abraham builds it yet gives no description how to use it. So bizzare. Abraham seemed very clear in our Scriptures, why is this missing in Koran book for all times?

Veneration of un-hewn stones, as a symbol or icon of the Great God, is part of present-day Islam and Hinduism. Judaism once had it too, but lost it over time, as can be seen in the story of Jacob’s ladder. This issue is not something Christians should be beating Muslims with over the head.:smiley:

To wit:

After rising from this sleep, Jacob anointed this rock with, making it a messiah, or “that which is anointed.” He named this rock BethEl (Heb. Beth=house El=god), or the House of God (Gen. 28:18). With this symbolic act, Jacob declares his vow to God, “So that I come again to my father’s house [Beth] in peace [Heb. = shalom]; then shall the Lord be my God. And this stone, which I have set for a pillar, shall be God’s house: and of all that thou shalt give me I will surely give the tenth unto thee”(Gen. 28:21-22). By erecting this pillar of God, Jacob purified this land from its worship of false gods and restored the worship of his God. What made this pillar unique was that it was completely devoid of all markings or form. Pagan traditions of the land commonly represented their deity with an idol, often cut from stone, depicted in the physical form. Jacob’s worship was not of the actual un-hewn stone, but the lack of form that it represented.

Thanks Ahimsa.

Problem I see here is that Jacob did not put over 360 or so idols in that rock.
And cover it up with bricks and stuff and a silk wrapping.Plus at least we have documentation you kindly provided. They dont.

Let’s not forget:

“And I say to you, you are Peter, and upon this rock ‘Peter’ is Greek for ‘rock’] 1 will build my Church, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it” (Matt. 16:18).

About the Kaaba, I’ve seen quite a few websites stating that polytheistic pagan Arabs used to worship in similar ways on the same spot. And of course, Muhammed was raised in this pagan Arab culture. You can look up “moon god” and Islam if your interested in that side of things. Of course, Catholicism is accused of being pagan by detractors, too. That being said, I think focusing on the violence in Islam and the scientific and historical inaccuracies in the Quran are a much more effective ways to refute Islam.


Muslims believe Abraham built the Ka’aba. Later on, other people added the many other representations of different deities. Muhammad destroyed these other representations, thus reverting the Ka’aba back to its original simplicity.

Of course Peter rocks! Rather have him. Whatever - It does not make any sense to me at all. I just finished looking at some pics of the masses of people trying to touch that rock. I could not believe it.

The silk wropper is nice. It gets replaced every year. I saw estimates on the cost of that and how many feet of silk thread takes to make the Arabic letters on it and I could not help but wonder if the homeless muslims from the tusami would need that money for housing since they are still in tents.:frowning:

Thanks again Ahmisa!

But where are the documents that state this? I beleve you on Muhamed smashing idols that is in Koran, the rest -Not in Koran, pure conjecture.

Peace man.

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