Mechanical/Electrical appliance disposal?


I’ve got several things that I need to get rid of around the house and they are piling up becasue I do not know how to dispose of them. I have a vacum (I know I spelled that wrong) and a broken DVD player and some old baby monitors. I don’t think I shoudl just throw them in the trash…or can I? Is there some place that I can go so the parts can be used or salvaged in some way? Any suggestions would be good. Thanks!


Google your town and HHW - this should let you know where the HHW (Household Haz Waste) drop off place is for your town. They will usually take electronics and mechanical stuff as well.


Oooh great, thanks! I had not idea where to even start looking!


Your municipal landfill/recycling center should have information for you. I used to work for a city solid waste department, and we recycled old electronics (DVD players, TVs, computers, etc.) and household appliances. In my hometown, nothing you mentioned was a HHW item, so technically, you could just throw it all away. I would be surprised if any municipality considered those items hazardous. :wink:


Having experienced sitting in the sun at a HHW roundup - people drop off everything (once saw a pair of dentures). Where I have seen them, electronics and other stuff like that is separated out and the parts are used for recycle.




I believe it! The things people think are HHW are pretty funny!

And bless you, kage, for volunteering for the HHW event. I was 8 months pregnant when I did it, and it was no fun.


We have an EcoStation where they accept anything electric for free as well as hazardous things like paint etc and they also take larger items (like furniture) for a small fee. I am sure your city has some sort of program:thumbsup:


You might want to try “” or “free stuff” on . Those are both ways to recycle stuff.


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