Medal of St. Benedict

Well, after several unsuccessful attempts it looks as though I will finally have a properly blessed St. Benedict medal. :extrahappy:

I’m wondering if anyone out there has current information that would be helpful to me in my use of this medal.

Are there traditional prayers that can be said with this medal, upon first receiving it, daily afterwards, that sort of thing? Are there any current indulgences connected to this medal? Any advice in general regarding it? Any good resources you can point me to?

I have a vague memory of previous threads discussing the subject and of course I’ll be doing my own research, but I thought I’d first stop here and see if anyone has any helpful advice or information. :slight_smile:

If you are going to wear a St. Benedict Medal, than why not add the miraculous medal to that. That way you get the benefit of both.

And the same for the brown scapular, many people add the miraculous medal to that as well.

Great things come in little packages.

There is a little booklet, “The Medal or Cross of Saint Benedict; Its Origin, Meaning, and Privileges” by Dom Gueranger, which you can get either online, or most Benedictine monastery bookstores sell it. It is filled with prayers, and also the history and use of the medal.

Also, in case you have not seen it, here is a good link about the medal of Saint Benedict:

Hope this helps.

Thanks, christofirst. I am familiar with the website, but I hadn’t known about this booklet. It sounds like exactly the sort of thing I’m looking for, aside from its age. I’ve ordered it.

Anyone else out there with info? About any current indulgences for example?

Congratulations on acquiring it. :smiley:

I acquired a bag full once, blessed by a very old priest…

If you simply have one, wear it.

If you have more, you can give them to those in need, bury them at the four corners of your house, touch them to anyone or anything afflicted and say a prayer…

If you’re tempted, touch the medal to your forehead and say a short prayer. If your suffering from some illness or hurt, touch the medal to the afflicted body part and say a prayer.

Read what the blessing of the medal requests, and use it for those occasions. You can look up the old Roman Ritual’s blessing online or in older books.

A portion of it, translated into English: “May all power of the adversary, all assaults and pretensions of Satan, be repulsed and driven afar from these medals, so that they may be for all who will use them a help in mind and body;”

“Let all who will wear them with hearts intent on good works deserve to obtain health of mind and body, your holy grace, and the indulgences that have been granted to us.”

That is the info they seek :slight_smile:

This is exactly the religious medals that I have.

One use of the St. Benedict medal is to bless water and drink. My computer crashed and I have another. I used to have a PDF of a booklet all about the uses of St. Benedict medals.
I am going to see if I can find it.

 It used to be that St. Benedict medals could only be blessed by a Benedictine priest on St. Benedict's feast day.  The New Code of Canon Law 1983  said now any priest can bless St. Benedict medals on any day of the year.

   The New Book of Blessings has all but done away with the traditional Blessing for St. Benedict medals.  I urge all of you to copy and print thle traditional blessings for St. Benedict medals and other sacramentals.  One can read  Fr. Z's blog "What does the Prayer really say" to learn about the difference between traditional Catholic Blessings.

   The efficacy of a blessing depends on the Faith of the one imparting the blessing and the faith of the one receiving the blessing or religious medal.  Faith in God is the most important aspect of our lives.

   I  believe the same as Shin.

There is still something special in having the medal or cross blessed by a Benedictine priest if possible. When I had my cross blessed at our local Benedictine abbey, the wonderful old priest pulled out a bottle of holy water he carried in his pocket, and a very worn copy of the longer blessing. It was an unforgettable experience for me, with numerous signs of the cross and a generous use of the holy water. I felt blessed too when it was over!:slight_smile:

[quote="BluesPicker] I urge all of you to copy and print thle traditional blessings for St. Benedict medals and other sacramentals


Amen! :slight_smile:

Thank you both it’s good to hear this, I agree, when you cannot any priest can do, but when you can… there’s something special about it being done in such a way. :slight_smile:

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