Medal with 3 archangels?

Has anyone ever seen a medal with archangels Michael,Raphael and Gabriel on it and have an info on where I could buy one? I have found artwork that has them all but not a medal. (I would like to give it to our children’s Godmother at DS#3’s christening.)

Thanks for any/everything.

I work at our local Catholic Store and I have never seen one.

But you have given me a quest. I will let you know if I find one.

Thank you! I appreciate that very much.

I checked Lewis & Company and found individual ones but not one with all three. They’re a great company though, so if you contact them maybe they can help. :slight_smile:

So far nothing. I can find numerous medals with one, where you would buy each medal and put all three on one chain. But I have yet to find one with all three together.

I am still making inquires, but so far nothing.

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