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Hi everyone,
I wear a crucifix and a miraculous medal at all times,I put up with a lot of snide remarks,especially at my place of work.Today for some reason I took exception to three comments in as many minutes,and for the rest of the working day I could not bring myself to make much conversation with them.On the whole they are nice people I have known them for a few years now,but I’d had enough.
Can anyone give me some advice on how to deal with these people,tactfully preferably?.None of them are particularly religious,none of them practicing Catholics,your views would be much appreciated,
God Bless,


All you can do is pray my friend. I don’t have enough money to buy a crucifix so I bought a regular cross and I have a miraclous medal attached to it. I get questions about it all the time as well as dirty looks and I pray for each and every one of them. They don’t know what they speak of and the only way to their hearts is with God’s help by opening their eye’s and their hearts. God bless


Mick, this is the Holy Spirit pointing out to you that these otherwise nice persons are in great need of prayer. They likely know that their comments, no matter how seemingly innocuous to them, have caused you discomfort, or insult.

I suggest you use this as an opportunity for prayer on their behalf, and bear it up to Christ. If you suffer for the sake of His name, blessed are you! You might counter by asking them what they believe in. At their current level of faith or belief, they likely believe in “live and let live”, or a variation of that theme. Distilled, it means they have no set beliefs.

The Lord suffered greatly for you. Embrace a little suffering for His sake. Turn this into what may become a golden opportunity. At next Adoration, bring them up before Christ!

Christ’s peace.


Smile and tell them “I wear these to constantly remind me of the only things that really matter.”


Hi everyone,
Thank you all for your sound advice,it is very much appreciated.I will most certainly pray for them,especially when I go to Adoration, God Bless.


Hi,this is a question for PO 18 GUY which I forgot to mention,where exactly is the most unchurched state and why is it so called? thank you in advance,and sorry it is off topic.
Thanks again,


I wear my cross high with an open shirt and never get any comments. It could be that in this country no one really cares what people wear or it could be that I just look less Christlike and gentle than perhaps the popular media stereotypical views would make Christ and christians.

Whatever the situation is the important thing is to not show that it bothers you. I suggest a funny comeback like “keep it up and I am going to send you on your way with a splash of holy water”. Or you could say ‘the medal works miracles and keeps you out of jail by preventing you from losing your temper at rank amateur hecklers and beating them up like you used to do.’ :wink:

You can also just wear your medals lower in your shirt or button up so its not obvious. Actually, Our Lady’s miraculous medal is pretty amazing and has many graces associated with her devotion. So don’t be surprised if now that your friends have seen it they don’t start finding themselves softening up and opening up to the faith. Rather than let the medal become a point of division let it become a thing that opens dialog. There is always a tension when good and evil come into proximity - so just be aware that Jesus is using you to get messages to these other people and set the example for how you respond to it. Once they respect you they will listen to you.



Washington, the “Evergreen” state. J.Z. Knight the new age “Ramtha” channeler is here. Creation worship is here. Sports worship, beer worship, whale worship, tree worship, protozoan worship, you name it. A tiny fraction of us have received permission to engage in “God worship”.

Christ’s peace.


You know, are you SURE people there engage in beer worship? I mean, I think the same could be said about me, but, I don’t worship beer, I HONOR it. I give it the due reverence it deserves.

Anyway, english guy, I rather like the title, “Medallion Man.” It’s like, the latest, greatest super-hero. It’s the Catholic Answer’s version of Bible Man, but, instead of some be-spandexed guy quoting verses at people, Medallion Man can actually do something. “Empowered with the promises and the graces given by God through His Saints, Medallion Man can pray the stray away so that they can become One, as Jesus commanded.” cut to a Priest giving a blessing on the Miraculous Medal Voiceover: Armed with the promises of Salvation and a good death in Christ, Medallion Man proclaims boldly Satan and all his followers are helpless before Mary and all those devoted to her. There is no superstition, nothing of magic, connected with the Miraculous Medal. The Miraculous Medal is not a “good-luck charm”. Rather, it is a great testimony to faith and the power of trusting prayer. Its greatest miracles are those of patience, forgiveness, repentance, and faith. God uses a Medal, not as a sacrament, but as an agent, an instrument, in bringing to pass certain marvelous results. “The weak things of this earth hath God chosen to confound the strong. He is Medallion Man, he has the ability to help you" Medallion Man’s outline stands orans

If you want it to stop, though, you have two options. The first is do not let other people see that you are wearing them. The second is you can threaten to sue for religious discrimination. Worst case scenario.


I should have specified: Micro-brew worship.:thumbsup:


Well, that is simply blastphemous, that is!


I can’t imagine getting ragged on for that! Unless you’re fair skinned or something you could just tell them you’re Italian and have a friend who makes people like them disappear. :smiley: BADA-BING!


**As Jesus said, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.” And may I add that your relationship to these people should always be professional in the workplace, and not ‘chummy’. Also, you may wish to tell each one as he or she makes a comment to you that you take your FAITH seriously, it is a personal matter and that you would appreciate if they stay out of your beliefs. Also, you may wish to tell them at the same time that we should always treat each other with professionalism and respect because it makes for better working conditions.

Sometimes you have to tell them “in your face” immediately when the comments are made. That usually ends the harrassment.**


Hi everyone,
Thank you all for your replies so far,as for ADSTRINITY I think your idea of Medallion Man as a super hero is a great idea,it really made me smile.Also PO 18 GUY thank you for your reply,it is much appreciated,thank you all.
God Bless,


I guess if I wore anything from a religious medal, to a logo tee shirt or cap, tattoo, painted my face in team colors, bumper sticker on my car, or just wore a piece of jewelry depicting some affiliation or interest, I would be wearing it to send a message about my affiliation, interest, devotion etc. I would therefore not be surprised if people reacted to my little advertisement, positively or negatively, and would be prepared for it. If I wore an OSU jersey I should expect flak from the Michigan fans at work, and so forth. So I guess I would not be in any position to complain, and should be ready with a snappy comeback. I sure would not sulk and pout about it tho.

what I would do, and have done, if I experienced real harrassment at work about my religion, is complain to managment and insist that company policies be followed, and if matters warranted, be prepared to go the whole EEOC route.


But he is from the UK. They don’t have an EEOC. Besides I think ever since King Henry VIII its been kind of traditional there to harass and persecute Catholics, colonist sympathizers and non WASPs. :smiley:



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