My sister is trying to find a medal with the word" I am Catholic call a priest." on it. I can find some but they are to expensive. She wants the kind that are below a dollar so she can buy for family.


Why not just print up a bunch of cards, you can buy business card paper for your printer and carry the card in your wallet.

Another thought - why not get a key ring holder (the kind you can put a photo into) and insert your wishes in that?

Medals under a dollar— not sure you will have luck with that tall order.


I actually have found some for 50 cents but I don’t know what is on the back of them.


can you call the place with the 50 cent medals and ask them what is on the back?

I do like the other ideas about printing up little cards…what a great inexpensive way to protect our wishes in case of an accident!


I’ve been looking online… they’re call the “4-way medal”… the best price I’ve seen is around $16…

OOOHhhh WAIT… try this
#783 on that list!!! $1.00!!!
It’s not a “4-way medal” like the others, but it has that saying on the back! :smiley:


Here’s a four way with “I am a Catholic …” on the back at Autom. It is $2.99.


Thank you soo much. Cards would be great but she wants medals and with big familys she didn’t want to pay much.


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