Media Depicting Chaste Homosexuals

I find it quite unfortunate that very few (or any for that matter) movies/books/tv shows exist depicting the life of a homosexual guy or girl working to live a chaste (and preferably catholic) life. I think this could make for some fantastic and beautiful drama, if done correctly.

these mediums can open so many eyes to the incredible struggle many homosexuals of faith face and the beauty to which they aspire. Hopefully, it would inspire people to view this subject in a different light and see what true love and sacrifice looks like - to depict the love of God and the love and support for our struggling brothers and sisters - i’d watch that:)

I have homosexual friends, some that want chastity and some that act unchastely. I see both their pain and hopes and can’t help but wonder if God has something extraordinarly beautiful and marvelous in mind for them.

Anyway, i would love to see some creative mind go against the tide and make such a film:thumbsup:

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