Media exaggerated horror tale at Irish orphanage

Article Highlights:

"The religious orders’ use of unmarked graves reflected the crippling poverty of the time, the infancy of most of the victims, and the lack of plots in cemeteries…

Her list of the dead shows that nearly 80 percent were younger than 1; two died within 10 minutes of birth and never received first names. Ninety-one died in the 1920s, 247 in the 1930s, 388 in the 1940s, 70 in the 1950s, and one more child in 1960. The most common causes were flu, measles, pneumonia, tuberculosis and whooping cough. Contrary to the allegations of widespread starvation highlighted in some reports…

The Associated Press was among the media organizations that covered Corless and her findings,** repeating incorrect **Irish news reports that suggested the babies who died had never been baptized and that Catholic Church teaching guided priests not to baptize the babies of unwed mothers or give to them Christian burials…"

Just a strong reminder to everyone to not jump on bandwagons of attacking the Church.

If course they blew it up. It sells papers. And people all over the place fall for it.
May those little souls rest in peace.
And may those Sisters forgive those who were in a hurry to indict them.


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