(MEDIA ISSUE CORRECTIONS) Noa Pothoven: Raped girl, 17, dies by legal euthanasia in the Netherlands

Another dark day for Enlightened Netherlands. Going down further that supposedly non-existent slippery slope.

A patient in the Netherlands may receive physician-assisted suicide if they are “enduring unbearable and unendurable suffering”, according to the Dutch life ending clinic the 17-year-old consulted.

Originally the clinic said she was too young, according to Dutch news outlet de Gelderlander’s 2018 profile of the teenager.

This is nothing short of murder. I pray that God brings about a great repentance among the people of the Netherlands.

I have posted a thread for this girl on the prayer forum. Please post a prayer, if you are so moved.

Pax Christi, Lisa


Am I reading for real that they have a clinic dedicated to euthanizing people?

This is a nightmare as evil as the holocaust and as clinics dedicated to abortion.



This is a nightmare as evil as the holocaust and as clinics dedicated to abortion.

I hadn’t made that connection. But you’re right. The Nazis started the Holocaust by murdering disabled people in the Euthanasia Program. Morality has vanished.

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A 17-year-old Dutch girl has been legally euthanised in the Netherlands, according to the country's media.

Noa Pothoven had written an award-winning book about living with depression, anorexia and self-harm after being raped as a child.

In her last post on Instagram, she revealed she had stopped eating and drinking and was in a hospital bed in her living room, surrounded by her family.


I have no words.


I am heartbroken for this girl and infuriated that the Holland sanctioned her murder.

Depression, PTSD, and anxiety are brutal conditions. But new treatments are coming out all the time. I pray for this girl’s soul. And I pray somehow we can counter the culture of death.


That’s the state of modern society
Society-“Don’t commit suicide! It gets better! Learn to love yourself and demand self worth”
Teen-“I don’t want to commit suicide though, just euthanize myself”
Society-“Oh well I guess that’s okay”
It’s only going to get worse from here

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Curious to know if she had a relationship with God? Most European countries have become exceptionally Godless. Not even atheist, just Godless! Empty.

This is the result of not having a belief in God.

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17 is just a child,

This poor child, everyone around her has failed her.


Dear Friends in Christ:

I posted a thread for Noa and against the culture of death in the prayer forum. Please post a prayer if you feel so moved.

Pax Christi,

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In a way that is appalling. At 17 she lacks the life experience to view things in perspective I would guess, she could have been helped move past these issues. Instead it was deemed more acceptable to just let her top herself. Horrific.


I found on Wikipedia that Dutch law forbids euthanasia when the person has a mental illness. I don’t know how or why this happened.

I do know that electro-convulsive therapy (also known as shock treatment) can help people with intractable depression. There is a risk of memory loss, but that’s better than being dead.

Dear God, have mercy on us.

Terrible news.

Praying for her soul.

As much as I admire bringing up Godwin’s Law…the connection is unmistakable. These people are moral vacuums.

It’s a very sad situation that this girl was suffering so much that it came to this.
Should Psychologists etc be still getting paid if they are failing poor girls like this?
There are two issues-
1: the doctors/government playing God by assisting in taking a life.
2.that this girl may have anyway unfortunately committed suicide which shows there is often no effective help for some people.

A 17 year old girl should not be left in so much suffering and pain and then exploited by people only showing her one option/way out when her brain is too young for making such serious decisions.

No one should feel comfortable helping a girl this young take their life.At the same time they shouldn’t feel comfortable either just letting her suffer and have no joy in her life etc.

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Fortunately, @ATraveller, the story appears to be totally untrue:

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This is all part of the continuam of the death culture.
I saw an article of a death coffin n designed by a Danish engineer.Is is specifically for people wanting to euthanize themselves. It doubles as a coffin after the fact.
It has a lovely window wher the soon to die can look out and wave goodbye to loved ones before they travel off to an”i maginary” heaven

Suggestions include making it an event where those attending and nclung the soon to die have champagne,celebrate etc.
There is a panic button inside,in the event one gets cold feet about killing themselves and they first must be analyzed by a dr to make sure the are of sound mind​:cry::face_vomiting:
I kid you not this all was in the article. Beyond sad and sickening!

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The link in the OP has been corrected:

One of the commenters noted:

The original reporting that she was granted legal euthansia was false. She was refused and ended her own life through starvation and refusing medical intervention.

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English-language media got that detail wrong. It was unfortunate that was shared and upsetting to see reliable sources got it wrong.

Nonetheless, the corrected story still highlights the existence of a culture of death. Suicide is still sold as a solution and even glamorized. We know suicides among girls is rising in a number of parts of the West. Many in the modern liberal (the philosophy, not politics) West act as if autonomy is everything and is the purest good force. That suicide was still facilitated by modern Dutch culture.

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