Media Shames Woman For Enjoying Motherhood, Caring for Her Husband and Kids

“Bah! Has he hypnotized her or something? Who does this stuff? Making his breakfast and then putting is clothes out over night? … Get a grip.”


How do people know what goes on in her home?


F_Marturana… she told them.

Stay at home moms, stay at home wives, women who work to make a home for their husbands hear this frequently. It’s too bad.

I once told someone I needed to go home and do my husband’s laundry (he works full time, I do not) and I got a long lecture of why he should do it himself. :roll_eyes:


If I remembered correctly, she posted it on her Facebook. She seems extremely proud of her work as a devoted wife and mother.


Seems to me: The “media” violates the 4th commandment by even suggesting this. Unless they were raised by wolves.

If this is what she chooses to do, that is great. It does not mean that every marriage functions this way.


Ooh, I’d love to watch someone try that with my wife . . . she was apparently, err, horrified by my laundry skills when we started dating (hey, no-one told me that when you didn’t take permanent press out on time, it wasn’t merely wrinkled, but Permanent Wrinkle . . .).

So she started taking my laundry. One time I didn’t hand it over, and she broke into my apartment to get it . . . [now, in fairness to her, my staying away from those machines probably saves us a fortune in clothing . . .]

I’m also not supposed to touch her dishwasher.

There are, of course, exceptions for those machines: I’m expected to replace and install them, and fix them when they break (and then go bak to docilely not touching . . .)

She’s not being shamed for saying others should do this (and she didn’t say that). She’s being shamed for making this choice.


When one makes their personal life public on social media. TV, etc. there are going to be critics. Honestly, I do not know why anyone would want to throw their doors open to the public.


I’ve never understood that either.

I tried facetwit for a couple of weeks after my last high school reunion.

Aside from the amount of time it took with my adblocker to stop all the animations , I just didn’t get the point. I truly don’t care what one had for breakfast (and it’s ok if I miss it; he’ll post a picture of lunch, too, and the traffic jam, and . . .)

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Raising children is the most important job a parent can do. The daily challenges go largely unrecognized by the outside world. Mothers are true heroes.


It’s her husband, her home and her life. If she enjoys it then THANK YOU JESUS because she is doing what is best for her, her husband and her family. God Bless them.



Seems to me: The “media” violates the 4th commandment by even suggesting this. Unless they were raised by wolves.

As a long-time journalist, I think this woman’s choices aren’t news. There’s a lesson to be had here. Don’t advertise your personal business on social media. Ethical journalism is extinct. The world is full of social media piranhas and ratings-hungry “news” outlets.


If she divorced her husband for any reason under the sun and remained devoted to her kids, the media would portray her as a heroic single mom. Instead, she remains dedicated to her marriage vows as well and is made out to be a horrible person.

It’s almost as if the media despises Holy Matrimony and wishes to destroy it by turning men and women against one another. What a shock!


I would be concerned, for example, if hubby worked a 9 to 5 low-stress desk job and then got hone and loafed around doing nothing while she was getting up at 4.30am and staying up till midnight keeping house. No indication that that is the case here though.


Satan rules the secular world. Satan hates marriage and the family.


I had to laugh the other day when a woman taking a survey asked my occupation. I said home duties and she couldn’t bring herself to write that. She said we’ll just write in ‘retired’.

There was a long time where the secular world treated women as second class citizens and I could understand the pushback if like in the 50’s, women were being actively pushed back to being exclusively home duties workers again. But that isn’t what this stay home Mum seemed to be doing at all. There is actually a lot of joy and fulfillment in ‘keeping a home’. I have done a similar thing since I was pregnant with my first. My husband worked and put himself through years of university in the first years. But then as time went on and others like myself have expressed this… that work is rewarded by the grace of God with abundance in different ways.

The thing that I get more upset about these days is being called a ‘trad’ wife. The reality is that tradition is amply represented by wives and mothers who’ve materially supported their families.


Hmm, I think people are unnecessarily victimising SAHMs here.

Then again, i was forced to clean up after myself the moment I developed motor skills for it, so the idea of someone putting out clothes (only takes a few minutes maximum) for another is extremely weird to me.

The idea of a husband allowing his wife to get up at 4.30 (to cook for him) if she goes to bed later the previous day is also…undesirable.

I do think it’s reasonable to do all of these things if the husband is working a labour-intensive job, though. Equity is important in a relationship, so it’s similarly unfair if she doesn’t pull her weight.

Most of the backlash are coming from people who are shocked that she does these things when single/working men and women are able to easily do themselves. So it does seem like she’s doing a lot of work. Apparently she also helps out with the family business too. I’m not sure about the last detail since I read it on social media.

If she’s happy, then who cares though. I just think the whole framing of “Liberals hate devoted mothers” is lazy and dishonest.

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I don’t know about you, but my husband’s and my laundry all go into the same hamper. It would be more work to separate it out. :grin: We just do it when one of us notices that it’s full.

I agree but also think that those doing the roasting are at fault, too.

To be clear, what likely triggered people was how it came across as a mommy-martyrdom brag. I’m just right now tag-teaming on another thread about the perils of social media. Women internalize pressure to out-perform each other and post their results publicly.

I’m a SAHM, too. I also don’t get up at 4:30am and go to bed at midnight and then detail for everybody how I fill those hours perfecting my house. And even if I did, I wouldn’t announce it to the world.

For one thing, it’s unhealthy. Self-care is vital to being a good mother. It also isn’t healthy to be all Martha and neglect that inner Mary.


Satan is the prince and power of the air(waves).

No surprise that media is constantly attacking the family or anything religious.

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