Media trying to make discussion of Joe Biden's health off-limits?

Media trying to make discussion of Joe Biden’s health off-limits?

Mar. 10, 2020 - 4:35 - Are establishment Democrats and their allies in the media doing what they can to protect Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden from looking feeble; reaction from Glenn Greenwald.


they would have to stop showing all video’s of him speaking


They can only delay the discussion and if it’s dementia, it won’t improve before he faces off with Trump.

Even a weak Biden will fare better than Bernie against Trump. Wall Street can get behind a controllable Biden vs an avowed socialist Bernie.

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Theo520 . . .

They can only delay the discussion and if it’s dementia, it won’t improve before he faces off with Trump.

You could be right, but I am thinking his handlers are not going to allow him to debate President Trump.

They will come up with a plethora of pretexts not to debate him.

For now, at least I can’t see that happening.

I’ve sure been wrong before. I’m the guy who thought Hillary might be “parachuted in” for the Democrats to run for president.

Obviously I was wrong. (Unless Biden picks her for Vice President. She is heavy on the “Vice” but I don’t see this happening either. She would be seen as “co-president”.)

Why? Because Trump is so coherent.

The media isn’t playing into right wing propaganda because they played into it in 2016 (remember, Hillary is sick!!!) and it was mostly bunk.

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Naturally, I disagree.


Not surprisingly, but you get your news from the same right wing propaganda sites, so it really doesn’t affect you.

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drcube . . .

Not surprisingly, but you get your news from the same right wing propaganda sites . . .

You have no idea where I get my news except the news that I choose to post.


10 characters.


I’m not sure Joe’s handlers want him seen much at all.

Joe COULD BE livestreaming, but then his gaffes and mental breakdowns will be even more obvious.

Joe Biden Seen Publicly for 6 Minutes in Last 8 Days

joe-biden caught from above.

Joshua Lott/Getty Images


22 Mar 2020 Breitbart News

Democrat presidential front runner Joe Biden has largely gone into hiding as the coronavirus crisis ballooned this week.

CBS News reporter Bo Erickson estimated Biden has been seen publicly for about six minutes since last Friday’s disastrous virtual town hall meeting.

“In past week, Joe Biden has only had 1 on-camera public address as COVID escalated. (He spoke for ~6 mins on Tuesday from his home.),” Erickson wrote on Twitter.

“He also hosted a tele-town hall w/voters, answered Qs on press call & video chatted w/donors. Everything else has been statements ripping POTUS,” he said. . . .

From ASisterforBernie . . . .

Joe Biden is MIA. He has not appeared in public or in a virtual event since early last week.

Joe’s campaign reported to CNBC that all of his virtual events were postponed and for future events he would not take live questions.

Does Joe even remember he is running for president?

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The headlines is fake news, especially if you take away the question mark at the end. With the question mark intact, the answer to the question posed by the headline is “No.” Media are not trying “make discussion of Biden’s health off limits.” The absence of what Fox News would consider “sufficient coverage” is no proof of anything, but the only way one could make that case is to assume that such discussion is under-reported. But Fox News wants it to be an issue, so they assume it ought to be, and if they say it definitively enough, supposedly people will believe them. I do not. It is their opinion. That is all.

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drcube . . . .

(remember, Hillary is sick!!!) and it was mostly bunk.

To the readers here.

Draw your own conclusions how much “bunk” that was. Decide for yourself.

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If trump is doing rallies to packed stadiums while Biden tours to closed fundraisers, it won’t be ignored in the media. Plus there will be at least a couple debates, no avoiding it. Biden won’t energize the Dem base if he doesn’t tour.

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Theo520 . . .

Biden won’t energize the Dem base if he doesn’t tour.

True enough.

I would also add . . .

Biden won’t energize the Dem base if he does tour too.


Maybe Biden should get the same Manhattan doctor Trump did. Where Trump dictated the letter about his own health and the doctorbasically signed it


The top video reminds me of another version of Weekend at Bernie’s where Hillary is being propped up and moved around. I hadn’t seen that in a long time!

The second video was a very long coughing spell.


Yep, 3.5 years later and she’s fine. This is why the media will be careful not to exaggerate any Biden health issues and not let their coverage be dictated by right wing propaganda.

Still waiting for that counterexample.


All you know is, 3.5 years later and she is “largely out of sight” instead of being exposed to the rigors of a campaign or a job while being in the public eye.

But you go ahead and think what ever you want to think.

Everybody else can draw their own conclusions.


Failed Presidential candidates usually drop out of sight, especially when they are totally out of office (see Dan Quayle). That means nothing. It’s right wing propaganda that she was sick (she wasn’t) and the lapdog media happily followed. I hope they don’t follow this time, but it won’t be for lack of trying by that propaganda machine and its supporters that flood sites like this with the falsehoods and lies.

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