Media Types That Grab Your Attention

Are there any “personalities” that grab your attention whether on tv, movies, sports, news, church, etc? What made me think of this were some commercials that I always have to look at when they come on. The “stars” of the commercial get my attention with the less-than-one-minute they have to sell me their product. They use gestures, voices or body language that make the most of their little minute of fame:

  1. The cute guy lipsynching on the commercial. I especially like the one where he’s in the pirate get-up singing at the restaurant “selling fish to tourists in teeshirts.” He’s actually French Canadian: Good article about the success of the commercial here:

  1. The other is the auto insurance commercial with the kooky girl with the “tricked-out name tag.” She reminds me of old-timers of commercials like Palmolive’s Madge or Comet’s Josephine the Plumber.

  2. Guy Fieri, the 2006 winner of the Next Food Network Star; he of the spikey blonde hair, who is so personable and, oh yeah, also has a commercial running for T.G.I. Fridays. He’s just got that something that shot him to the front of the line.

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I like Guy Fieri too. And the wild colored hair guy who hosts HGTV Extreme Living. You know those extremely original nontraditional houses? That guy is so witty and gracious. There was a guest/gal on CSI (Vegas)a week ago who played a dumb blonde (actually savy)and was fascinating to me. She was not a skinny thing at all and played her roll to a “T”.And she did get charged! I think I saw he face in an ad for an upcoming new fall tv show.

Oh, my all time fav: Simone Signoret. She could read a grocery list out loud for me and I would be mesmorized.

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