Mediatrix and Co-Redemtrix


I am new to this forum and my question is not intended to engender dischord- I begin with this disclaimer as I am so surprised with the level of animosity I see on nearly all of the forums. I really want forlk’s opinions and I don’t think talking about Mary or Jesus should make people agry- especially discussions between fellow Catholics.

I have a great devotion to Mary and the explanations of the role of God, Mary, and the Saints that makes the most sense to me I read somewhere and this was explained by a priest. Basically it goes like this- and I cannot remember the precise terms- To God we give adoration, to the Saints we give reverence, and to Mary we give hyper-reverence. There were greek terms for these concepts.

In any case, I am comfortable with thinking of Mary as Mediatrix of Graces but I feel nervous with the term Co-Redemtrix. I do not believe that the Church has given officially, Mary this title “Co-Redemtrix.” What do people think?


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The topic has been pretty well hammered out in this thread .

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I didn’t mean to make this thread any longer as we have already had the other one. However, I put my faith in the Church that the Holy Spirit is guiding the Church; whichever decision the Church makes, I will be totaly submissive to.

Would you consider me to be ignorant? I am asking so you are free to give me your opinion - I am learning. :wink:



Thanks Kell,

After reading through the posts I understand this term much better and, to me, formally adding this title seems unnecesary.


This is a very easy one… the prefix co- means WITH, it does not mean equal… Mary, by saying YES to God and being the vessel that brought Christ into this world, she colaborated, even if some might consider it to be a very tiny contribution, to our redemption. THus she is CO-redemptrix.

Because co- means WITH, in a sense every one who collaborates in our redemption is a co-redemptor with… So, for instance, who ever instilled in us our faith for Christ, was co-redemptor… In my case, it was my father and mother.

The apostles were also co-redemptors as they preached and wrote the Gospels and scripture so that people could accept Christ and be redeemed.

In the case of Mary, we give her that title because of the VERY VERY special role she played, which some, having allergy to anything that they happen to think is idolatry, do not want to accept.




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