Mediatrix of all graces?


I have heard of this a few time but, never got a clear understading of what was meant of it. Could someone clearify this for me? Thanks and god bless.


It means that mary had a unique role in God’s redemptive plan when she said yes to being the Mother of Jesus.

Since all graces com from Christ, and Mary’s womb carried Christ, then we could say that she cooperated in a special and unique way in God’s plan of salvation.

This mediation and cooperation is secondary to Christ’s work.
it is not put on par with Christ, it is not inplace of Christ.
It is a reminder to all of us, that we share in Christ’s role as Priest, Prophet and King to be lights of the world and to bring that light of Christ to everyone.

People sometimes get all hung up and think that the term mediatrix means that Mary is the sole mediator between God and man.
That is not what it means at all.

It simply means that she cooperates and works with God, as we are all called to do. Her role, was a very unique and special one, being that she is His Mother.


It has been described officialy as a scandal to the faithful.It is considered by many to be heretical .
Many Catholics regretably seem not be content unless they are "Gilding the Lily " when it comes to the BVM .


Check out the section on Mary in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, the title Mediatrix is mentioned in paragraph 969.


[quote=JOHNYJ]It has been described officialy as a scandal to the faithful.

Has it? Would you kindly provide an official citation or source for this statement?


When we all hashed this out a few months ago I remember that there was a big concern because people pointed out that the other Marian dogmas were all Christocentric but this one doesn’t seem to be.

I was thinking and I realized that when we understand Mediatrix in the sense that when she gave birth to Christ who is the fountain of all Grace she brought forth all Grace into the world, it is a Christocentric belief. It establishes that Christ is all Grace.


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