Medical cover and abortion



I overheard colleagues reading through the medical cover policy for my healthcare cover through work (outsourced to an external company) and I was shocked to overhear that the cover includes ‘termination for abnormalities in pregnancy’. Obviously I will withdraw from the scheme. However, my question is how sinful would it be to remain covered? I guarantee I won’t but I would like to know this gravity


It is not sinful at all to remain covered by your work’s group insurance plan.


In addition to what 1KE said, you may not have much of a choice but to be part of a plan.

My employer covers several different health plans. If I don’t choose the one I prefer, they will automatically enroll me in the most basic plan. So one way or the other, I will have health insurance!


That would mean we can’t shop at stores that sell birth control (pharmacies), condoms, magazines with x-ratings, etc…

We are in a world full of sin. It is up to us not to take part in the sin. We have choices.
Suppose that no saint ever bought something from a sinner? What about Jesus eating with sinners? Should he have not taken of the food because it somehow condoned the sinners sin?

God bless.


Thanks for responses. I currently pay an extra premium to keep my family in. That’s why I did it to start with …to cover my family. I will keep contributing then if it’s not sinful.


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