Medical insurance dilemma

It’s that time of year when we have to decide on medical insurance for next year. My husband’s employer offers insurance through either United Healthcare or Kaiser Permanente. United is required by law (ugh) to cover abortion, but from what I can tell, it looks like Kaiser may actually perform them. It also looks like Kaiser has a pretty cozy relationship with Planned Parenthood. For that reason, I’m thinking that morally, our choice should be United, even though it’s considerably more expensive.

My questions are these:

Does anyone here have further information on Kaiser and abortion beyond what one can find with a Google search? I had trouble finding anything really concrete.

Am I right in supposing that the more moral choice is United?

You may want to check out this article posted on the website of the National Catholic Bioethics Center, entitled “Health Insurance OptIons and the Ethics of the HHS Mandate.”

It’s not exactly on point to your question, but it will probably contain some helpful guidance on very similar issues.

Hope this helps.

You might consider CMF CURO which is Catholic health cost sharing. I plan to switch from Blue Cross to CMF Curo when the enrollment period opens up in November.

After a little more research, I found some information that definitely eliminates Kaiser. I’m sharing it here in case someone else might be helped.

First is this site:

They have a list of “nonprofits behaving badly” which shows Kaiser Permanente (not the Kaiser Family Foundation) as having donated to Planned Parenthood.

Second, from Kaiser’s own web site:

“We provide abortion services at some facilities or it is possible that we may refer you to a community clinic.”

So while United Healthcare apparently funds abortions (and my understanding is that they’re required to do so by Obamacare), Kaiser actually performs them.

I like the idea of Samaritan, but will have to find out if my husband’s employer will let us do that. Thanks everyone!

Thanks for this link. I may have to switch insurance plans early next year and this one looks good.

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