Medical marijuana not for people with rheumatic conditions: study


“The effectiveness and safety of medical marijuana to treat symptoms of rheumatic conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, or fibromyalgia is not supported by medical evidence,” the study reads . . .

"At this time, we cannot recommend herbal cannabis for arthritis pain management given the lack of efficacy data, potential harm from the drug, and availability of other therapies for managing pain… Physicians should discourage rheumatology patients from using medical marijuana as a therapy” . . .

Contrary to public belief, inhaled herbal cannabis is not innocuous,” the study reads. “Risks can be categorized as the** immediate effects on cognition, psychomotor function, cardiovascular effects and mood, and the chronic consequences on mental ability, pulmonary function, potential cancer risk and drug dependence.**”

Dr. Fitzcharles is currently an associate professor of medicine in the Division of Rheumatology at McGill University. She received her medical education at University of Cape Town, South Africa, and completed specialist training in rheumatology at The London Hospital, Whitechapel, London, England.

She has been on faculty at McGill University since 1984, and has been a consultant rheumatologist to the McGill Pain Centre, at the Montreal General Hospital for the past five years. Academic activities have included being an examiner for the Royal College of Physicians of Canada Internal Medicine Specialist Examinations for 15 years, a member of Medical Admissions committee for medical students to McGill University for 15 years, and director of postgraduate medical education at Royal Victoria Hospital, and member of postgraduate medical education board of McGill University. In the past 10 years, research interests have been in the area of pain and rheumatic diseases. Publications have been in the area of chronic pain in fibromyalgia, alternative treatments use in rheumatic diseases, and more recently evaluation of the pain experience in rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Other research activities include evaluation of new compounds in the management of osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis and fibromyalgia syndrome.

I bet there will be an almost complete blackout in the U.S. Media about this new medical study.

The citizens of the United States may hear about it in our Media but I am going to guess it will take another 1-3 years for us to be informed.

News Media wants everyone to smoke this garbage so they have a stoned American populace and they can help the government take away more of our freedoms while less and less people are paying attention.


The old Marijuana will make the user crazy routine.


Oh darn, I guess I’m not going to go to the corner pusher tonight :wink:


It is my opinion that medical marijuana is mostly used to treat “Iwannagethigh” syndrome. It may also be slightly useful for glaucoma and nausea from chemotherapy, but there is no good way to control or monitor dosage. For just about any of its claimed benefits there are other alternatives backed by standard double blind studies. The truth is inconvenient and does not sell ads for the news media.


Me, either.

Shucks and darn.


Is marijuana even mentioned in the Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Treatment or any other medical book as a treatment for anything?


I use medical pot for sleep, depression, generalized anxiety and panic attacks, and it alleviates/helps these mental illnesses like no other medications can.


I am sure it does.


I think its comical that some people try all they can to debunk every positive study done on Marijuana SOLELY because it CAN be used to get high.

Why arent people up in arms about opium being in nearly all the prescription painkillers? After all, Heroin comes from opium and the poppy plant, but Ive never seen any studies that try to debunk the positives of opium painkillers in large…?

Why the double standard for Marijuana I wonder?


Probably because the citizens of several states are determined to get high as a matter of course. I imagine that if there were still opium dens everywhere, it might be rather frowned upon as well.


That is interesting. I have always wondered if medical marijuana would be helpful for fibromyalgia or not. I have fibromyalgia so its good to know that there is no medical evidence that supports medical marijuana as a medical treatment for it. Personally, I have never used marijuana in my entire life and I have no plans to either.


Robert for the above I pray and go to Church and it works wonderfully. Just saying.


You created your own double standard by comparing Heroin to Marijuana. This is the Obama argument comparing Alcohol to Weed. The problem with this comparison is Alcohol and Heroin and Weed are all addictive and potentially harmful substances.

If Obama discourages the use for his own children and black America which he indeed did on National television. Why would we then suggest its no bid deal and legalize it when you would discourage its use? That’s the double standard.

Look at your argument another way. Why would we restrict the use of cigarettes and promote marijuana. Now there is your double standard as indicated above.

All we are doing is comparing different degrees of bad. Fact is they are all bad, and our President who promotes this most ridiculous agenda agrees its dangerous by implicit self admission.


:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

But keep in mind that God often works through people and the material; praying for relief can easily result in God leading a person to medical pot as the solution to mental illness!


I don’t have an issue with medial marijuana, as a last resort, not a widespread embracement which occurred with oxycontin 10-15 years ago and now we have a illicit heroin increase as a result. That being the case why don’t we legalize heroin for medical use?

In the UK doctors can prescribe heroin, but there’s no medical marijuana.


The popular prescription drug, Marinol, is taken from marijuana. It’s most commonly used for nausea and vomiting.


I admit there’s a good deal of support for marijuana, and its plausible for sure. But I notice the good majority of supporters are pot smokers, which means they may be “STONED” ::slight_smile:

When I was in high school there was a smoking area in back of the school. I think 80% of the school was out there smoking pot and at 7;45 AM. I remember one day at 8AM English class. The guy next to me was called on to read, he was so stoned at 8AM he had his book upside down. Surely he wasn’t in any shape for a rational response, :wink:


CNN medical advisor- Dr. Gupta, who push’s for medical marijuana, wants to change its “image”. He states calling it “marijuana” conjures images of demonization and “loco weed” “reefer madness” he wants to use its medical term “cannabis” strictly.

He wants to market a stone as bread and call the stone, bread.

Medical Term in identification of strain; “White Widow”

"Effects: Very euphoric at first, when up and moving it gives a very energetic feeling like I was able to run a mile. When I laid down and rested I felt slightly couch locked but not enough to prevent movement. The high is very clear minded giving you much more room to think.

Potency: Extremely potent, one hit had me going with a pretty good buzz for 30 minutes or so. About 5-10 hits later I was intensely high and it lasted for about 3 hours" .

He was still able to move. :confused:

Strain Name: “High Mids”

Effects: Very Good, really relaxed, hungry and after a few hours you’ll get sleepy I was pleased

Potency: 7and 3 4ths out of 10

Strain Name: Eldorado “Cadillac”

Effects: cerebral, heady effect, Sharp and invigorating high that is not usually found in other varieties of marijuana

Potency: Extreme High

Strain Name: Sleestack X Skunk

Taste: Exactly like the smell. You can taste the Mean Green and the Shrom from the Slee with the powww of Skunk 1

Effects: Extremely stoney (body tingling) relaxing, 70/30 hybrid keeps it from going to one way or the other while covering all the bases body, mind, and spirit.

Potency: 21%-25%

Reviewed by: Biedz1216

Reviewed by: Phily Blunt

Reviewed by: someguy

What Image? :shrug: Good references? :slight_smile:


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