Medical Marijuana

Marijuana as Medicine

The synthetic solution failed because Marinol is only marginally effective.

The difference between marijuana and THC was apparent from the outset. Cancer patients quickly discovered smoking marijuana is far more effective than swallowing oral THC pills.

Why is inhaled marijuana superior to synthetic THC?
Speed of delivery: When inhaled, marijuana reduces nausea and vomiting in five to ten minutes.(50) Marinol, when ingested, takes 1 to 4 hours to start working. This gives patients plenty of time to throw-up the pill.
Control of Dose: Marijuana, when inhaled, works so quickly patients can exercise very fine control over their dose. Once relief is achieved they simply stop smoking. Inversely, a patient exercises NO control over an oral dose; once the pill is swallowed all further control is lost. Moreover, because oral THC takes so long to work, and works so erratically and unpredictably, patients may take a second oral dose. Little wonder adverse psychological effects are far more common among people employing oral Marinol than among those smoking marijuana.

**Chemical Composition: **Marijuana, like all naturally occurring substances, is chemically complex. Marijuana has more than 400 chemical ingredients. Little is known about which chemical ingredients -- or what combinations of ingredients -- are responsible for the plant's multiple therapeutic actions.  

It is a misconception that cancer (and other) patients use marijuana to get stoned.
They use it to be able to lead as normal a life (go to work, raise a family, etc.) as possible. The ability to control the dosage to such fine a degree is what makes smoking marijuana simply the best delivery method available.

My brother died of the same cancer that Steve Kubby has (and was about the same age). There was no known treatment simply because the cancer was (and still is) so very rare. So my brother died 15 years ago. But Steve Kubby is alive today because he smoked marijuana for purely medical reasons. Not to get stoned. Just to stop feeling so utterly horrid from the cancer (because of my brother I am aware of just how horrid it can be).
Steve Kubby - Cancer patient
All other patients with this diagnosis have had a 100% mortality rate within five years. His physician, Dr. Vincent DeQuattro, a specialist from the USC School of Medicine, monitored his condition and treated him with conventional therapies, including chemotherapy, until referring him to the Mayo Clinic in 1981 for yet another surgery and radiation.

For the next 25 years, Kubby claimed to control the symptoms of his disease solely by smoking medical marijuana and by maintaining a healthy diet. His original doctor, an expert on this condition shocked to learn he was still alive, said, “In some amazing fashion, this medication has not only controlled the symptoms of the pheochromocytoma, but in my view, has arrested its growth.”
I have taken barbituates almost my entire life. I have epilepsy. Because of this narcotic, I do not have seizures and am able to live a normal life.
Until you have a disease that requires extreme measures such as taking marijuana or barbituates just to live normally, you can not appreciate these drugs as medicines.

First walk a mile in their shoes and then you will begin to understand.
And then thank the Lord that you are healthy and do not need “narcotics” simply so you can live a normal life.

Go with Love, Go with God

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I will pray for your personal situation BUT to make marijuana available as a “medicine” is not good for this nation. The following article explains why. Most of these “medical” (snicker) marijuana scams are by potheads who want it legal to get it and smoke it!!
Smoking pot is DUMB. I will continue to say…"Why do you think they call it “dope”

Many people that use MMJ actually use it as a baking ingredient and eat the cookies or whatever they made

please watch this and tell me what you think. sorry if links are a nono…

Thanks for the link it had some good information. Medical marijuana has been used for many thousands of years. Now we are told that we should use natural things to treat certain ailments but when it comes to marijuana as a natural susbstance it seems to be taboo. I don’t understand it. I have Parkinsons and I found that it helps with the pain I have, it helps with the tremors, it helps with my memory among other positive things.

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Just a few facts from this link (be sure to follow the link to read them all):

Marijuana contains more than 400 chemicals, including most of the harmful substances found in tobacco smoke. Smoking one marijuana cigarette deposits about four times more tar into the lungs than a filtered tobacco cigarette.

Harvard University researchers report that the risk of a heart attack is five times higher than usual in the hour after smoking marijuana.

[S]moked marijuana has been shown to cause a variety of health problems, including cancer, respiratory problems, increased heart rate, loss of motor skills, and increased heart rate. Furthermore, marijuana can affect the immune system by impairing the ability of T-cells to fight off infections, demonstrating that marijuana can do more harm than good in people with already compromised immune systems.

n a recent study by the Mayo Clinic, THC was shown to be less effective than standard treatments in helping cancer patients regain lost appetites.

[size=]Marijuana affects many skills required for safe driving: alertness, the ability to concentrate, coordination, and reaction time. These effects can last up to 24 hours after smoking marijuana. Marijuana use can make it difficult to judge distances and react to signals and signs on the road.

And the list goes on. Research suggests that marijuana use narrows blood vessels, in way similar to that found in heart disease. There is also a growing body of evidence that marijuana has important and persistent physiological effects on blood flow to the brain that may have longterm consequences (including attention deficits, memory loss, and impaired learning ability). [/size]

I believe that if there is a medical benefit that can be derived from marijuana then it should be dispensed in a pharmacy as all other legal medications are. That said, I have heard that medical marijuana is legal in California. It is not legal here in Indiana. At least if it is, I have never heard of any such a thing. Personally, I try to avoid the use of addictive substances such as marijuana but maybe those who specialize in the invention and discovery of new medical treatments can come up with a non-addictive medical form of marijuana. I hope so but then again, who knows if that will ever happen.

I know of some people who suffer an immense amount of pain. I have heard that medical marijuana is beneficial for pain relief. How medical marijuana is dispensed and used, I have no clue. I have never needed to use it before and I hope I never have to.

I do suffer from some pain on a daily basis because of my Fibromyalgia and other health conditions but at the present time, it is managed well enough using various medications.

I hope for the sake of those who suffer a tremendous amount of pain that newer and better medications can be invented so that they can have some relief from their pain. As for myself, I follow my own doctor’s orders and if the pain does become too much to bear, I offer it up to God. I guess I am just a strong believer in redemptive suffering. After all, there is only so much that medication and doctors can do.

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