Medical, not religious, reason to oppose abortion

If you need a non-morality based argument to oppose abortion as it is marketed to decrease maternal death rates, this is it
From the experts, the key to ending maternal mortality rates

Peter Smith of Life-Site News reports on a congressional briefing on causes of maternal mortality worldwide, and reasons why it is decreasing (better maternal care) from WHO and other experts, and duh, the causes are the same they have always been, bleeding, infection, obstructed labor, and hypertensive events, at the time of parturition, when the baby separates from the mother. Induced abortion increases these risks over normal childbirth, and medical abortion increases them even further.

Harrison pointed out that induced abortion actually puts women in danger of bleeding/hemorrhage, infection, and damage to reproductive organs, especially if not all the pieces of the destroyed unborn child are completely evacuated. The risks are even greater for medical abortion, Harrison said, highlighting a study published in the journal Obstetrics and Gynecology, which found that women having a medical abortion had an eightfold risk of bleeding, fivefold risk of incomplete abortion, and twofold risk of (re)evacuation than surgical abortion. The study concluded that medical abortion was likely “to result in an elevated incidence of overall morbidity related to termination of pregnancy.”
In third-world developing countries, the adverse events associated with medical abortion can prove deadly if women do not have medical infrastructure to monitor them when things go wrong.
Instead, Harrison indicated that the key to eliminating maternal mortality as much as possible is getting women educated and ensuring universal access to skilled birth attendants.

Far from helping the picture, abortion adds to the harm, and resources directed to pushing abortions are not then available to help women in childbirth and aftercare. It is to be hoped the UN listens to its own experts

Excellent article. Regrettably; in countries where Pro-Abortion is strong in the United States, Norway, and Canada and now increasingly seen across Europe, Africa, and Australia; I wonder how many impregnated hopeful mothers will consider safe alternatives to the benefit of their own health instead of broaching liberal Pro-Abortion issues?

Pro-Abortion selfish women who deny their maternal God-given gift of motherhood invoke the scourge and wrath of God upon them.

But in the eyes of Progressives, an individual’s health and well-being must take a backseat to society’s health and well-being. Abortion is a needed sacrifice for the “common good.” Uncontrolled population growth contributes to poverty, global climate change, and the unregulated growth of undesireables.

Why do you think Planned Parenthood places most of their clinics in low income and minority neighborhoods?

Why do you think the “brights” in our society like James Cameron, director of Avatar, warns us, " … the Earth’s environment [is] being imperiled by a rising middle class in places like India and China?"

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