Medical Nudity


I was just wondering what everyone’s opinion on this is. I can be quite a hypochondriac and I’m currently trying to put my mind at ease/determine if going to see the doctor is necessary. So, is looking at medical websites that have information and pictures on various conditions, in order to compare symptoms and come to a conclusion, sinful if the pictures are of human genitalia? Is this type of nudity acceptable?

I’m just not sure.

Kind Regards


If it wasn’t acceptable (when used for the reasons you describe), it’d be a sin to study medicine.

I don’t believe many people would find disease or illness attractive in any body part. If you are seeking information, then seek it. I’ve had human anatomy and physiology classes as well as graduate level studies. We were so busy learning and memorizing that the parts had no emotional connection to an actual living human being.

I asked my husband, before we were married, how he could examine attractive female patients. He described the same thing that I felt in anatomy class. He is surveying for disease or illness as if checking off items on a list. There is no personal gratification.

If it ever feels personal, stop looking.

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