Medical Religious Orders for Men?


I’m currently a dialysis nurse, but I’ve also been praying about a vocation to the priesthood. At the present time I’m not particularly interested in the diocesan priesthood at the moment, because I’m hoping to find an order in which I could use my nursing license. What religious orders are out there with a ministry in healthcare? I’ve looked into the Alexian Brothers, and it seems a good fit, but I am leaning more towards priesthood. Do the Alexian Brothers also have priests?


Here is a list of the men’s religious orders in America.

One that comes to mind is the order of St. Camillius - The Camillians. Founded by St. Camillus de Lellis

"The Order of the Servants of the Sick, a living part of the Church, has received from God, through the founder St. Camillus, the gift of witnessing to the world the ever-present love of the merciful Christ to the sick.

Through the ministry of mercy towards the sick, we contribute toward the welfare and promotion of the whole human family, whose joys, hopes, grief’s and anxieties find an echo in our hearts, and we cooperate in the building up and growth of the whole Body of Christ. Therefore, following the example of our holy Father Camillus, we take it upon ourselves to esteem evermore, to love with all our heart and to practice with all our strength the service of the sick, even at the risk of our life."


The Friars of the Sick Poor in Los Angeles could use nurses as they have a very broad healthcare apostolate.

Little Brothers of the Good Shepherd have healthcare apostolates.

Brothers of Mercy run nursing homes.


I know a wonderful Jesuit priest who is also a nurse.


I found out that, according to an article, there are presently about 25 Jesuit physicians in the U.S.


The Order of St. Camillus is eager to help men answer the call to the religious life as a brother or priest. I would be happy to chat further or contact me at [email][/email] check out our site:


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