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Does anyone know where I could find a list of pro-life medical schools or residency programs? Preferably for someone interested in Obstetrics or Pediatrics? Do such programs even exist??
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There’s no such thing as a “pro life” US medical school, though there are, of course, medical schools in the US affiliated with Catholic hospitals. I seem to remember that there are a couple Christian (not sure if they take a position on abortion or not) family practice residencies-- one was in Nebraska, not sure where the other one was. I don’t remember the names, unfortunately, but you could probably find it pretty easily through FRIEDA.

Are you currently in med school or considering it? I recently finished my residency and I can tell you that there isn’t much out there from a pro-life perspective. I’ve found, though, that I can make a greater impact by staying within the secular community and being a witness to life.

You might want to contact the Catholic medical association ( ) or CMDS (the Christian medical and dental society– ) or the American Association of Pro-life OB/GYNs ( ) for assistance. They could probably give you inside info on what programs are more friendly to pro-life physicians. No matter where you go, of course, you can never be forced to perform an abortion or participate in one. This is illegal.

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Have you checked into any options that might be available through Creighton University Med School?


As the wife of a Catholic physician, we found it very difficult to pin down any medical school and/or residency program which one could categorically qualify as “pro-life.” My husband attended a state medical school, which could by no means be considered “pro-life,” but was never put in a position that compromised his religious beliefs regarding contraception or other “pro-life” issues.

As for residencies. . .Again, my husband’s Peds program could not have been considered “pro-life.” However, when looking into programs it is ESSENTIAL that you get a good feeling for the philosophy of an individual program, regardless of whether it can be considered “pro-life.” For instance, do they require their residents to prescribe contraceptive/abortive meds? Are there alternatives for residents who have moral objections to certain procedcures? These sorts of questions can only be answered by asking other current residents. You will be hard pressed to find any departmental or “official” statements regarding these issues.

Practically speaking, if you are a strong Catholic, you will have no problem making your way in the program of your choice. It takes work and dedication, but it is possible. And, in most cases, you will have the law on your side–and, UNFORTUNATELY plenty of people to fill in where you refuse to participate on moral grounds.

A messier scenario is how to establish a “pro-life” practice and/or practice medicine in an academic environment!!!

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Well (I am sure most of you will think this is ridiculous) it wasn’t until AFTER I received my law school acceptances that I decided I’d rather go into medicine…what a way to change tracks! I have a BA in History and another in Political Science. I figure my best bet is to either finish a BS in Chemisty, and go the traditional application route, or to find a post bacc program, and only take the requirements that I absolutely need. I read about Creighton’s post bacc program, but I do not qualify for it (I’m not about to take the MCAT with my pathetic science background.) I did not realize until this morning how non specific my question was (it was late, I was tired). Thanks for the links, I will check them out.
BTW, smallcat, could you pm me and let me know about your experiences in school and as a resident?

:coffee: My parents will probably go through the roof when I let them in on my plans…


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