Medicare to cover prescription Handguns?

Thought this was an interesting article since I have rheumatoid arthritis and find some handguns painful to shoot.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Medicare to Cover Prescription Handguns?

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We recently reported about a new 9mm handgun that was designed for folks suffering from arthritis and other disabilities affecting the hands. Constitution Arms, the manufacturer of the firearm, is reporting that the FDA has formally designated the gun as a medical gadget.
[INDENT]Constitution Arms contacted us with the following information:
[INDENT]Several weeks ago you were kind enough to blog about the Palm Pistol. We thought you might be interested to learn that the FDA has completed its “Device/Not a Device” determination and concluded the handgun will be listed as a Class I Medical Device, exempt from 510(k) Pre-Market Notification in accordance with 21 CFR 890.5050 “Daily Activity Assist Device.”[/INDENT][/INDENT]

I hope this is a false story. I’m all for people having guns, but Medicare giving away free guns? Sorry, but its too far. Uncle Sugar shouldn’t be paying for them.

I believe in the right to bear arms, as long as it doesn’t involve me paying for someone else’s gun. Perhaps, this is only for states were assisted suicide is legal?

Arthritis and other disabilities affecting the hand. Wouldn’t most of these disabilities also render the hand unsteady with perhaps familial tremors?

I’m all for gun ownership as a protected right, but I’m not sure I want to arm people who would have trouble stabilizing their aim.

Coming soon: Gun Stamps!!

Seriously, it’s just wrong for poor people, who are likely to live in unsafe neighborhoods, to be deprived of their natural right to self defence just because they can’t afford firearms (and all the paperwork, of course). Something must be done!!

I wonder why liberals haven’t addressed this horrible injustice?

/sarcasm :smiley:

I have severe rheumatoid arthritis, it was diagnosed when I was 24 years old. Most affected are my hands, wrists and shoulders. I have no trouble keeping my hands steady and have never heard of RA patients experiences tremors. I’ve been under treatment for decades.

All that said, I don’t like the idea of government paying for things that are an individual responsibility.

I would not spend nights worrying about my tax dollars being spent on a “prescription gun.” The FDA has to make a ruling if asked to determine whether or not something is a medical device. However, Medicare has completely separate rules regarding when and how they pay for things.

I cannot imagine a circumstance where a patient is going to be able to prove to Medicare that it is “medically necessary” for them to have this gun. It could not possibly be part of a recognized treatment for any medical condition.

The article is merely a bit of sensationalism aimed at raising taxpayer indignation that the government might be about to waste more money.

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