I have had enough.

When I feel this way I want to stop taking my medication but I will get ill if I do, is this a sin?

what kind of medication…first off?
then why don’t you talk to your doctor if side effects are bothering you.
the doc may be able to try something else.
then why would you want to go off it …if you know you
are going to get ill??? i think we need more info…

I might be mistaken but I don’t think we are required to prolong our own lives if we would naturally die without medication.

I have often wondered about that too.
But then i wonder isnt it God who blessed doctors with such capabilities to heal.
It confuses me alot.

When you feel ‘what’ way? If you’re talking about medication(s) for a psychiatric disease then you know the answer already. Please take your medicine or call for help. Going off of it is dangerous.
God bless you.

I will pray for you but you need to know that you are asking for medical advice which is not allowed on these forums. So much depends on your condition, the dosage, your physician it is unwise to seek advise here I am afraid.

Please be at peace though, knowing many here are praying for you. God bless.

I don’t know if it’s a sin, but please talk to your doctor before stopping your medication.

This is not a question with a simple answer. I don’t want to sound like I’m saying “it depends on what your definition of ‘is’ is”, but it does depend on what you meant by “feel this way”, “want”, “medication” , and “ill”.

For instance, it is not a sin for a cancer patient to elect to refuse chemotherapy which might extend life but which makes them suffer horribly. OTOH, it would be wrong for someone to elect to quit taking a benign medication and put a burden onto someone else precisely because they want to get sick and get out of some responsibility or other. Obviously, most cases fall somewhere between those two extremes.

The other concern is that an extended or serious illness (or even a misunderstanding) can make a patient feel as if they have fewer options than they actually have. You would do best to continue your medication until you have an opportunity to talk to your physician. When you talk to your doctor, be diligent to find out what your true options are and the prognosis and trade-offs for each. Then if you have moral questions, go to your pastor and be able to give him a full accounting of the options you have. Your pastor, in turn, might discern that you need help in staying the best course for you, and could suggest you get counselling in order to gain emotional support and greater emotional resources to cope with your problem.

IOW, don’t waste your time with those of us in the cheap seats. Go to those who have the professional office to help you, and seek their help in making your decision. :thumbsup:

Suffice it to say, of course, that if you experience any symptoms described by your doctor or pharmacist as evidence that you ought to quit taking a medication or to seek immediate medical attention, including thoughts of suicide, of course you ought to follow that advice without delay. Most doctors have an emergency contact number for questions of this nature, including questions about symptoms not described in advance or reminders about what symptoms indicate that the medication ought to be discontinued.

When it comes to concerns of this nature, do not be worried that you will bother someone with a needless question. Call the contact number provided by your doctor and ask your question. That is what they’re there for.

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