Medicine Rx number has 666 in it


I have a Medicine that I am taking and it has 666 in the Rx number is this bad should I be concerned.


Don’t be concerned. This number is on all sorts of things… barcode numbers etc. Scripture makes it clear that 666 represents a man. The number in itself is just a number.


No, that would be superstitious.


Seriously? The Mark of the Beast will not be your prescription… :neutral_face:


My favorite story with the nimber happened when I was cashiering. I was ringing up a voworker and hiking about how we all knew she was an evil person, when her total coincided perfectly at $6.66. Excellent coincidence.


No. Since you are a minor, I suggest you take concerns like this to your pastor, parents, or a counselor.


I believe your good to go as you put it back into your mouth and didn’t defil it with a purpose. I’ll make you a $2 dollar bet that Jesus was a curious kid when he was about that age too-around- 7 or 8? Have you ever seen a $2 dollar bill? I have one. They are semi-rare but occasionally you will find one in circulation.


666 is 999 upside down…don’t worry. It’s just a number-like my age. Turn your bottle upside down.


It it is a pain med you may have the “Numb-er of the Beast”


Only if that is the number of pills you need to take in a day.


O(f course you shouldn’t be concerned. Be more concerned about giving in to superstition.


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