Mediocrity ? How to understand this ?


Is it possible to get more clear explanation of the statement that Evangelicals are often ‘’addicted to mediocrity’’ in their appreciation of art, music, architecture,drama, and imagination ?
Are there any proves by examples ?


Read “Evangelical is not Enough,” by Thomas Howard. It’s not a Catholic book, and it doesn’t approach things as such. He was not Catholic when he wrote it. It is a fantastic book for anyone to read, and explains this in a way that is far superior to what anyone on here could possibly tell you.



Yeah, Bach is a great example of mediocrity. :rolleyes: It’s a ridiculous assertion.


Obviously, I can only go off my own experience with Evangelicals.

For art and architecture, of the churches I’ve been to, they were just plain boxes with no art or anything on the walls except felt banners and maybe a cardboard cross. In fact, one church building was actually a dual gymnasium/church combo complete with basketball hoops.

Same thing with music. Contemporary praise music is fluffy and designed to make the listener feel good, with no real theological content.

Here is an article that touches on some of these things: Soothing Ourselves to Death by Chuck Colson


Wow! That was really a good article.

Protestant churches are plain because they were rebelling against the Catholic churches with the “idols” etc. in them, at least that is what my old minister (from my previous life) said.

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