Meditate and praise God in his Creation

One pious beleiver Said :
I enjoy watching the Sun. It fill my soul with condolences.
I see in the sun 3 distinctive things:
Its existence, its light and its heat.
Its existence from years and eras, remind me of God The Father;
Its light of God the Son; and its heat of the Holy Spirit.
As the Sun gives the life colour and beauty to the earth,
So is The Trinity that give to our souls purity, strenght and life."
Hope you like this meditation and wish that everyone share with us
his own meditation in Gods Creation.
With God’s blessings

To get this discussion going, we need to have a starting point or question. I believe that this is a worthwhile topic, because we don’t make good use of creation in our prayer life. Yet, this has been part of the life of faith of many religions, not just the Judeo-Christian tradition.

But since most posters here are part of the Judeo-Christian tradition, let’s limit it to that tradition for the time being. If we look at the scriptures, the Book of Genesis begins with nature. God creates nature, before he creates man. The natural world is created as that sacred space where God and man can find each other, where God rules and man governs.

We also find God showing his power and justice in the story of Noah. Then we see God using nature again to show his presence and protection in the Book of Exodux when he leads the Israelites through the Red Sea and into the desert. In the Book of Daniel we read the canticle of the creatures. In the Gospels we read that Jesus goes into the desert and that he prays in the Garden, before his arrest. Finally, we see the early Church where men and women retire to the desert to find a sacred space where they can pray and be alone with God.

Creation has always played an important role in Christian spirituality. God is not in a tree or a shrub. That is pantheism. This is not where the scriptures or the saints lead us. Where they lead us to be use nature as a place where we can be silent and see God’s presence and his activity.


Br. JR, OSF :slight_smile:

Here’s one thing I like to think about when considering nature. When a priest in a parish raises the consecrated Host in his hands, it is in the form of a disk, a circle. He lifts it into the air, and this reminds me of the sun rising into the sky. The true light of the world is shining in the parish, represented by the glorious sun rising outside, which is only a shadow of what is going on within.

I will start with the mountains. I pray this is in line with Judeo-Christian tradition. If it is not please forgive me and just disregard it.

When I look at the mountains I see how scarred they are from the many years of extreme temperatures and fierce storms that have chiseled them into what we see now. And yet I am struck by how they are still standing there in all there glory. Calmly and patiently standing there. Waiting for and trusting in their Creator for the next storm that He sends their way. Knowing that it will shape them, more than the last storm did, into what He wants them to be so that they can emulate His glory more than they did before. They are so silent yet so strong and yet so majestic in there beauty. They seem to know and understand that they are not here for themselves but for the one who created them.And all the time they are weathering these storms they offer comfort, shelter and support to all that seek shelter in what they have become. It makes me marvel at what God must have in store for His children when they learn to trust in Him and weather the storms in our life that He sends our way. May we learn from the mountains to trust God to shape us and mold us into what He wants us to be. Calmly, patiently, and trustingly so that we too can emulate His Love, Glory, and Comfort to all.

Very Beautiful, thank you for sharing this with us . Hope you
will post more in this thread.
With God’s blessings.

This stays in the right path and is so marvellous.
Yes the mountains , by their majesty and patience,
reflect a great praise and trust on their Creator.
Please post again.
It is very beautiful meditation.
With God’s blessings.

Thank you Br JR for the warning.
Hope we’re all posting accordingly.
With God’s Blessings.

One of the most important messages that we can take away from nature is this. Nature is humble. This may sound strange. We have hurricanes, blizzards, electrical storms, earthquates, tornadoes and floods. They can all kill. But the fact is that nature obeys the laws that God gave it. I wish man could do the same.


Br. JR, OSF :slight_smile:

*I believe living in Alaska is where I truly started to learn about humility. When you are on the ground at sea level and you look up and see mountains everywhere. When you get up on top of a mountain and look around at how vast all creation is and then you realize that from your perspective you have just begun to scratch the surface of it…it is then that it really does start to sink in…I realize that I am smaller than a nano in the big picture of God’s things… I believe He freely created all of creation to give Himself to it so that creation could give it’s self back to Him freely. I used to drive myself nuts trying to understand God as much as I could. What I came to realize is that it really all boils down to the simple fact that we will only understand Him if He wants us too. We do need to trust Him to mold us and do His will just like nature does. I could be wrong but I have not found anything in what I have read or what I have been taught to contradict this belief. We just need to put our trust into Him that we understand Him just the way He wants us too at this moment in time and when He is ready for us to understand Him more deeply He will reveal it to us. I believe that He reveals Himself to us through not only each other but through all of His creation. We just have to be ever vigilant so that we will see or hear or sense Him when He does reveal Himself to us.

I really am beginning to believe that it really does all come down to our living according to our conscience and putting our complete trust into God for the rest.

I pray to God from the core of my very being that we will be ever ready to respond to His will and how He wants to mold us. Just like nature does. Calmly, humbly, quietly, patiently, and trustingly. For Him not us. After all I believe it is His kingdom we are striving for. *

I do sincerely pray that this is still on the right path of the Judeo-Christian tradition.

Dear brother, yes it stays in the judeo-christian tradition, and it is
so beautiful, You do end your post with the same question and this
reflect a humble soul but some other see it as lack of confidence.
however, we cannot be totally confident about our spirituality,
because if so, we may fall into heretism. The good true behaviour
in this matter , is leaving The daily modeling and inspiration for
God by keeping a sincere and humble prayer to make us understand
his will clearly. I am the one who still ask Him daily whether My path,
my deeds, my talk are according to His Will. We have an everlasting
childich behaviour with Him, otherwise, will substitute His Good Will
by our unfair pride.
God Bless you for being so attentif to this critical matter.
Peace and Good.

Yes , the truth is so simple as that.
Your post is so resumed in words but reveals an everlasting
God bless you.

Dear Nohamaria,

Thank you for your insight here. I do so feel like a child and yes I am so unsure of my own spirituality and because of this I find myself always running to Him …trying to let Him mold me into what He wants me to be… I just pray I trust Him enough…to completely surrender myself to Him…

God bless you for starting this thread and thank you Br. Jr for leading me to it,

*I do not believe that there is a more uplifting or beautiful example, of having a pure and confident trust in God, than watching an eagle soar in the sky. Always catching and trusting the air current that takes it higher and higher and higher……
If we could just learn to trust God to be the wind that lifts us up to Him….what heights we might reach…

Or how a swift moving current of a class II or III glacier river seems to carry a weary soul’s troubles away….out to the ocean….were there, like the Mystical Body of Christ, they are engulfed in it’s deep bottomless and endless waters…

Or how snow covered mountains on a crystal clear, and cold winter night, lay there…totally bare…Like a soul before it’s Creator.
Drinking in the moonlight and saturating it’s self in it. Like a soul that can only quench it’s thirst with God’s endless Love.
Until it takes on a glow that emulates the moon’s light and helps it to light up the darkness all around. Like so many souls who have come before us have lighted the darkness for us by emulating God’s Love and Truth to us….*

Very beautiful, and wow, this makes me soundless.:bowdown2:
I cannot explain to you how much this meditation
penetrate in my heart. Please continue posting.
With God’s blessings.

*Come, still silent air and remind me how to still my wondering troubled mind and just wait trustingly, patiently and ever ready to hear the voice of my God.

Come gentle breeze and whisper in my ear of how great my God is and how He will provide me with all that I need.

Come swift gusts of wind that come racing across the ocean and up the mountainside to were I stand.
Come, blow through my mind and clear out the cobwebs of cluttered thoughts so I can see my God again.
Come, blow open the door to my heart so that God’s breath of fire will pierce it and penetrate it so deeply it will be completely consumed by His Love to never want for anything but Him again.

I love you God and put my trust in You because You completely sustain me, please do not let me ever forget…

  • Oh Sweet Blessed Mother, when I look to the horizon in the east at the break of day. I see the golden sun rising into and being welcomed by the pure soft blue sky and I am reminded of how you, so pure and true in your trust in God and His will, welcomed Him by bearing Him into our wold.

As I watch the sun travel across the watchful gaze of the same pure blue sky. I am reminded of how you must have watched over Him, loved Him, cared for Him and sheltered Him from harm when you could. And when he was grown, stood back and let Him shine with His teachings and miracles.

And when I watch the sun begin to set in the evening sky, I marvel at how the sun and its rays of color start to change into shades of crimson and gold and how like His precious blood, spreads across the horizon and bathes all of creation in it’s light, it reminds me of the alter of the Final Sacrifice. It is suspended there, for all creation to see, against the same pure blue sky. Like His Precious Body was when it was laid in your loving and still ever trusting arms after He was taken down from the cross.

And as the sun slides below the horizon and the sky seems to enclose it’s light. I am again reminded of how you must have engulfed Him in your arms to shelter His Precious Body from any more harm and held it close to your ever trusting, ever loving yet aching heart.

It is no wonder why your Son entrusted us to your care. To guide us and teach us to know how to find Him in our hearts and like you, treasure and nurture Him there.*

My apologies Nohamaria for posting twice in one day, but this one finally came together and I had to share it.

Dear simple soul,
Both posts are so touching, but this last one is the most.
Thank you for posting it. I do love and venerate the Virgin
She is the best friend of my life.
With God’s blessings.

That was an extremely beautiful meditation. Thank-you, simple soul :).

*Dear Nohamaria,

Yes, She is our best friend, our comforter, our mother, and like a mother she is always there to let me cry and lament on her knee whenever I find my crosses too great to bear. And when my crying and lamenting have been spent she always reassures me and dries my tears. (I believe she has even scolded me a few times). Then sends me back on my journey to her Son. Refreshed and ready to try harder than ever. I am truly indebted to her.

God’s blessings to you also*

*Dear Lief,

You are very kind to say this.

Please keep me in your prayers and may we thank God together.

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