Meditating on intention instead of mysteries during Rosary


So I pray the rosary when I can and these days I have a lot to pray for. Is it bad to meditate on the things I pray for when I pray the rosary? Should I just forget about my prayer intentions and just think only of the mysteries of the Rosary?

Praying The Rosary Without Mysteries

Can you relate your intentions to the mysteries somehow?


I try to concentrate on Mary and my prayer intentions because I can’t remember all the mysteries and to keep reading them on my phone or pamphlet is too disruptive. I hope how I pray the rosary is ok.


Your obviously worried about some stuff and are praying to ask for help, I can’t see whats wrong with that.Jesus tells us to ask frequently and we will be answered sooooo. Try to keep it in the spiritual realm though .


Prayer is good no matter what. I’ve found thought, that when I really am obsessing about something I want or feel I need, it is a good discipline to try to stick to meditating on the mysteries of Jesus’ life and take my mind off myself. It is exercising trust and quite relieving, actually.


I start the Rosary but before I embark on the decades I mention my intention or intentions, maybe sometimes I dwell too long at that point but I feel it’s fine.


You should meditate on the mysteries rather than the intention. St. Louis de Monfort’s book ‘The Secret of the Rosary’ has a lot of useful information in this regard.


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