Meditation in School


In health they tried to make us meditate (mindfullness) and practice visualization as well as other practices that are common in eastern and new age religions. I didn’t do it. Was I overreacting or is this not something we should be doing at school?

P.S. I don’t trust my school because it spreads left wing propaganda


If you don’t trust a school, you should not pay them tuition and transfer!

No one can make you meditate. Bow your head and say the Rosary.


HOW sad. I’d pray for them instead of meditating.


OP is a minor.

@mr.p, did they invoke any specific eastern religion or religious practices? I wouldn’t reject something because other religions also do something similar. I was taught what was essentially mindfulness meditation in a christian therapy group that had a priest coordinating - it wasn’t a religious practice at all, just a way of noticing one’s surroundings and managing anxious thoughts.

I would take this concern to a priest rather than the forum. There are a lot of perfectly decent practices that just happen to also be used by various religions.


No. They did not. We did a thing where we were being one with a beautiful mountain


It is true that psychology has spent a lot of time studying eastern religions simply because they are non-theist and the west is known for being so legalistic that it actually can create mental health problems. But a lot of these mental health problems are rooted in a loss of our spiritual heritage. And indeed, these traditions include similar things that are found in our traditions just as they are found in eastern traditions. All the religious components that would be incompatible with Catholicism are rooted out by the non-theistic approach.

Being mindful is really about keeping your mind occupied with what’s right in front of you. Mindfulness meditations are really efforts to keep your mind wondering into the worries about the future or getting lost in memories from the past. By meditating on the wind blowing against your skin, ruffling through your hair, and being very deliberate on focusing on the small things going on right now in God’s creation, you train your mind to stay present.

This actually helps us learn to develop self control. Being mindful also helps us to enter into contemplation so that we find God in the small things in our life and take meaning from them.

We can actually relearn this Christian tradition that has been lost. Afterall, why do we robotically go through the motions of Mass? Why are we uncomfortable with periods of silence if the priest gives us time to reflect on scripture?

In fact, look at the lectio divina exercise. The steps to calm yourself and focus your mind on the present, to free your mind of distraction before you direct your attention on scripture IS engaging in a mindfulness meditation before reading scripture. And the thing is, in doing that first, you will gain more spiritual insights than if you just rushed through and read it.

Here’s a book you might like to read about Mindfulness from a Catholic standpoint.


Neon that mountain meditating about the life of Jesus and the Holy Family, or Scripture


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