Meditation on the Sacarament


My Brothers and Sisters:

During the past 1-1/2 weeks, I’ve had an “upper respiratory infection” that’s required me to to take the Sacrament of our Lord’s Body and Blood by Intinction. In the Anglican Tradition, that means I hold the Sacrament of our Lord’s Body in my hands while I kneel at the Alter Rail and wait for a Deacon to come to me and pick the “Eucharisted Host” (ECF Usage) out of my hands, dip it in the Blessed Blood of our Lord and place Him on my tongue…

This has given me time to meditate on Him Whom I’ve held in my hands, and on the fact that for a few moments each Sunday and Holy Day, I’ve been privileged to hold the Lord of Hosts and Lord and Maker of the Universe, and my Redeemer, in MY HANDS.

Think of that, each time we receive Communion, we eat and drink our Lord who is the Lord and Maker of the Universe, and our Redeemer! and, If we hold him in our hands, we should consider ourselves to be honored, esteemed and privileged, and enthrone Him as the Lord of our lives as well as the Lord of heaven and earth…

How anyone, who has been given that inestimable privilege, could just allow the Lord of heaven and earth to be dropped in his/her hands and then plop Him in his/her mouth as if He were common bread is beyond me!

There was a reason the ECF said that those receiving our Lord in their hands should form thrones with their right hands and then bring Him to their mouths devoutly, not dropping so much as the slightest crumb, and that, if they couldn’t do that, to receive Him on their tongue - They wanted to make sure that we were always aware of Whom we we holding in our hands.

Your Brother in Christ, Michael

PS: ECF = Early Church Fathers


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