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I was listening the radio and they were discussing the stations of the cross. I think I caught it in a mass that was on air, but I’m not sure. Anyways, they were saying some prayers, like an Our Father and a Hail Mary, then they’d discuss the stations.

It made me wonder, is there a devotion or meditation, kind of like the Rosary, in which one meditates on the stations of the cross?

I think you might have been hearing the Stations of the Cross. There is a meditation on each station, with Our Father, Hail Mary at the end of each one. :slight_smile:

Oh. is that a holy week thing?

There is a Stations of the Cross chaplet/rosary. It has a different number of beads than a regular rosary, and instead of the Our Father beads, mine has medals that represent each station of the cross.

It has a crucifix like a regular rosary, but I believe there are 6 beads on the piece that hangs down from the center instead of just 3.

Here’s a link to the prayers that go with each bead:

:bigyikes: WOW. So there is a private devotion you can pray of the stations with the rosary huh? cool.

Last year our Church began having them each Friday during Lent.

We recite an Our Father and the Creed and we have one repeating verse.

The priest says, “We adore you. 0 Christ, and we bless You” and the laity responses, “Because by Your holy cross You have redeemed the world.”

We sing a responsorial psalm in the tune of “Stabat Mater”

This is pretty close to the booklet that our parish uses however we have a 15th station and then say the Creed:

So was this meditation on the stations that one can do given to a particular saint or has it just evolved over the ages into today’s devotion?

The Stations of the Cross are a long form of the rosary’s Sorrowful Mysteries:

Do you add the stations of the cross into the Sorrowful Mysteries, or do them separately?

Here are St Alphonsus’ Stations w/brief meditations

wow thanks. that preparatory prayer is beautiful. i definitely want to commit that to memory. i will continue to review it. thanks for the link!!

You are welcome friend.:slight_smile:

St Alphonsus’s works are a treasure chest of prayers and meditation.
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