Meditations on Rosary Mysteries



Will someone please direct me (possibly to a website) where I can find simple, yet effective, meditations on the mysteries of the Rosary? I have never prayed the Rosary so it’s a little intimidating and confusing for me right now. I don’t just want to say in words the mystery but want to truly meditate on it while saying the Our Father during that particular mystery. Again, as I am a beginner, I think it would be best if I am able to focus on something simple yet powerful.

Thanks for any direction.


I have a perfect link for you. :slight_smile: This is the link that I use. It’s a virtual rosary. Just download it to your computer and you’re ready to start.


Thanks for the response. I would love to try it but the program is currently not available for MAC’s. I have searched the net quite a bit but just haven’t found anything that felt right to me. Any other suggestions?



May I suggest
You can click on each image and have the meditation.
Let me know if it doesn’t work.

God bless you!
I love praying the rosary!


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