So I came across some you tubers on accident that claim to be Mediums.
Does anyone actually believe in this nonsense ?

Actually there are actual mediums out there. This is of concern to people because consulting them is warned against by the Church and the Bible.

I think the real problem is why they would be consulted and how the person would use that information. We are supposed to rely on God, not fortune tellers and mediums. I don’t think being a Medium is a sin in and of itself. But how that ability is used would be the area of concern.

There are a lot of new theories about time and space now, that would suggest that the past, present and future intersect at given points. Maybe all a Medium is is a person who can perceive those intersections. I don’t use Mediums or the like and thus their presence does not bother me.

I’d say mediums fall into two categories, with the vast majority being in category 1.

  1. Frauds.

  2. Those receiving info from demons.

Either way, stay away.



This game isn’t worth playing.


If I had medium powers. I wouldn’t use it for fortune telling.
I’d be using all that demon help to get into a good phd program or something

A friend of mine in 1999 lost her son, in MA, she lives in Florida. during that time, her sister had purchased a new camera in about 2001. While installing a new roll of film, she had just wanted to snap a picture because she was eager to use the camera.
She took a photo of the TV, and when the film was developed a month later or so, the screen of the TV which was turned off at the time, contained an almost picture perfect image of the dead Son wearing a striped polo.

I have seen the photo, as the mother of the son was a christian scientist and had her co worker whom was American Indian build a shrine from the Son's cremated remains into a pouch where it hung in her living room with the photo. 

A few months later the mother had a "Medium party" I did not participate, but while that happen, to check and see if this man was a fraud, she had taken down the shrine and everyone was instructed to not let the medium know about the dead son. 

While the mother received her reading, the medium had informed her the following.
" You have 6 children, one of whom is deceased and trying to communicate with you through electronics".

  Needless to say everyone was amazed. Everyone also had recorded their reading, so it is on record, somewhere  for what it is worth. I had listened to it.  I no longer talk to this woman. As this was over a decade ago.

Most people that call themselves mediums are fakes. Now, there are people who at times have had intuitive insights, but these are not people who sell their services and the information comes to them unexpectedly.

If they’re merely a fraud, they’re not a real medium, if we go by one or several definitions of ‘medium’.

Of course, mediums receive their knowledge by evil spirits, who want people to perish in hell for all eternity. The mediums are their instruments.

Do we know what condition, or qualification of the human existence will dictate the ability to communicate with Evil Spirits.
Someone on you tube had made a comment saying, " Give me a name and I can reach and contact deceased loved ones"
I posted a reply if he could contact Euclid, to help me on this proof writing homework I’m doing. :thumbsup:
I guess he couldn’t find the information I’m looking for, :shrug:

Most likely because they have been consecrated to an evil spirit, or several of them, as a medium, or something like that.

You shouldn’t ask someone a medium to try to contact someone that has passed away for you, since consulting the dead as a medium is a sin in the Bible.

Most mediums (i.e. the fake ones) use a technique called “fishing” or “cold reading”, which is easy to spot if you know what to look for. Basically, they throw possible leads at the hopeful customer and decide whether or not to pursue them based on how the customer reacts.

For example: “I see an old man”-- the customer’s face shows slightly more intrigue --“he’s about 60 years old”-- the customer’s face body relaxes, showing disinterest --“no, he’s 70.” Etc, etc, etc.

Another trick they use is to be very aggressive and insistent. If nobody responds to what they throw out, they’ll say something along the lines of, “Well, I want you to go investigate that later.”

There’s more, but using this, it’s pretty easy to stop the fakes in their tracks.

Here is a great example of what you speak. The only thing I can do is thank God that its not me.
Here is the con artist, Bashar… He claims to have channeled an alien.

Couldn’t have said it better! :thumbsup:

Exactly, my sister used to visit one who told her she had a twin that died in the womb, we didn’t know about this as it was something my mum didn’t talk about. My sister recorded it all and there was some scary stuff said, none of that “you will meet a man in the next two years whose name starts with M and he will become a good friend of yours” stuff but very direct stuff.

Scary stuff.

The fake kind guess, they think you are there to look for Mr. Right or to find out if a deceased loved one is happy in Heaven etc.

A good many are frauds and are easy to detect. However not all are receiving info from demons. I do think that some receive legitimate information that can help others. If demons can give information then so can angels. What is needed is folks having the ability to discern the difference.

What of the distinction of Padre Pio and soul reading.
Being able to tell you when the last time you where in confession. What sins you had committed. What can anyone say about this gift that Father Pio had ?

The occult divination (which is of demonic) is different than the gift of prophesy which for example 1 Cor. 14 talks about.

Yes Jonathan. Where is the distinct line drawn though. Where does the Charismatic 

gift of the holy spirit diffrentiate between the readings that may be demonic.
In other words? How do we tell the two apart.
I have been also told stories about pentecostal ministers that have prayed over people and told them " Do not worry about this" " Do not worry about that "

How do we know they are working with the fruits of the Holy Spirit?
Thank you.

We know by following the judgement of our pastors and bishops.

Ahh… fair enough. :thumbsup:

For example, if someone prophesies that God tells someone that they should divorce or similar. I have heard of such “prophecy” or a similar one, by a popular “prophet”.

Doesn’t necessarily have to be demonic, but can be the imagination of the “prophet”, believing he heard from God.

However, an occultist will probably not profess to hear from God, but will talk about spirits maybe. I don’t know much about how they work.

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