I was watching a show tonight and there were mediums on it. I dont mean the kind that can tell fortunes and stuff but people who can actually connect with and see dead people. What does the Catholic Church say about this? Is it a gift given by God?


They exist and it is sinful to use them to contact the dead.



Sir Knight,

I kind of disagree with your statement about it not being a gift from God. God works in mysterious ways and Im sure this gift could be used to pray for souls. Let us not forget that many of the saints have seen the dead before.


CCC2116 All forms of divination are to be rejected: recourse to Satan or demons, conjuring up the dead or other practices falsely supposed to ‘unveil’ the future. Consulting horoscopes, astrology, palm reading, interpretation of omens and lots, phenomena of clairvoyance, and recourse to mediums all conceal a desire for power over time, history, and, in the last analysis, other human beings, as well as a wish to conciliate hidden powers. They contradict the honor, respect, and loving fear that we owe to God alone.


There is a story about Padre Pio that I recall. An Italian nobleman went to seances and Padre Pio told him not to go. Then one time the nobleman went again, this time just to sit along the wall without getting invoved. As soon as Padre Pio saw him, he rebuked the man, saying that he had been consorting with the devil.


I am thinking that “seeing the dead” and being a medium are not directly equal to one another. People do see ghosts from time to time. That does not make them a medium. Usually they have made no particular effort to contact the dead, nor do they seem to have an ability to see beyond a particular person or so. One example might be the person who does not “see” but senses the presence of someone particularly beloved. Happens all the time.


Never happened to me.


I realize that I do not understand what you mean by connecting with dead people. Does this have anything to do with mediums and seances?


there are no such people, they are frauds, appearing on commercial TV to sell a product and to make money themselves. If you want to “connect with the dead” pray for the repose of their souls.


I do not seek any type of “connection” like communicating with them other than to pray to the faithfully departed and to have them pray for me. I was just asking if being able to sense the dead around you is a gift from God. I can understand actually seeking out someone to talk to the dead and have them talk back would be sinful and would never do it. Like I say I was watching a show with people that had gifts to sense dead people around them and I have myself felt evil prescences before one time at a someone I know house who is into drugs and drinking. I actually did feel evil in that house. So I dont think that its out of the question for people to be able to sense things or people who have departed this world. I pray I never feel that sense of evil I felt in his house that day.

I was watching a show called paranormal state and watched it two nights in a row and will never watch it agian, It delt with demons and I want no part of that but at the same time it was kind of intresting. Now Im a very scrupulos person, was it a sin to be intrested by this? I will never watch that show agian and I hate evil spirits. I love God with all my heart and soul.


The Saints did not ask or seek to see the dead. God blessed them with various visions.

I don’t think you sinned by watching that show, although it may be prudent to follow your resolve not to watch that show again. My gut reaction is to say that the ppl in that show are not very holy people. They may or may not have that gift. I do believe that the gift of sensing spirits does exist, and your challenge will be to use it for good. Do you have a spiritual director?


Yes my priest is my spirtual director. I have never told him about me feeling that presence though. Should I? I mean I never really thought about it as being a gift but I can sense good and evil by feeling it, I guess what im trying to say is I can feel it with my body if there is evil around someone or something, its a feeling of uneasyness and it brings kind of a sense of depression with it. Ive only felt it really strong the time I was at this guys house by myself. I know if its a gift or just something I picked up on.


Dear DrewC,

From what  I read  and  I didn't read it all, but what I read you  are sort of questioning about mediums.

 Firstly,  yes  there are Saints that have appeared to people. You never hear about them through mediums though.  You should read about the witch of  Endor and Saul in the Old Testament. 

You can read a lot about the Catholic Viewpoint from this priest in Madrid, Father Fortea. There is a section: Most frequently asked questions that discusses all of these things. What is nice Fr. Fortea is an expert.


God Bless and Merry Christmas,


I think any Christian that is in touch with their spirituality can sense evil when it is around, Just as we can sense good in people.


Being a medium is not the same as having the Gift of Prophesy, which is always used to build the Kingdom of God. :twocents: :slight_smile:


I meant to add to my post but couldn’t so here’s a little more of what I wanted to say… :o

That being said, there is a “charism” that deals with the perception or discernment of evil. But again, these charisms are given by the Holy Spirit to build the kingdom on Earth. It is possible that this is what you may have.

Mediums, and those involved with the “supernatural” or occult, IMHO are associated either intentionally or unintentionally with the demonic. We know the fallen demonic entities watch us carefully. It is not difficult for these entities, who are smarter than us, to predict our, honestly, mundane lives. It wouldn’t be difficult for them to feed information to humans about those we have lived with or talked about in our daily lives.

If you want information about your particular charisms, I suggest going to a seminar by the St Catherine of Sienna Institute:

It’s very interesting!! :slight_smile:


Hi everybody,

 I  agree strongly with Jennifer123.  There are no spirits of the  departed  wandering around  for  they have gone to Judgement.  Rememberr the devil is never invoked in vain.  There iis  no Biblical basis  for  this.   

Merry Christmas with Peace and Love,


In the past, there was a Cathlic position that ghosts are people from purgatory who appear on earth. In fact, in Shakespeare’s play, “Hamlet,” the ghost of the old king appears from purgatory. In the Bible, when Jesus appears walking across the sea of Galilee, the apostles in the boat are terrified, believing that Jesus is a ghost. All this in itself I don’t think proves definitely that there are ghosts. But it does mean that such a belief is a ligitimate one and can be in accord with the faith.


Dear Brother and Sisters,

Here are the words of a priest and expert:

The universal experience of all exorcists, who have dedicated themselves to this subject, is to have observed that, once the distinction is clearly made between possession and infestation, there sometimes appears a third type of phenomenon, distinct from the other two: ghosts. Ghosts are apparitions of people who are in Purgatory. These apparitions have characteristics which are always the same and very different from infestations:

-the soul appears in human form.
-it does not say anything.
-it appears in a menacing and terrifying manner.

It never moves objects nor makes any noise. When it appears it just stares, in a very unfriendly way, and then just disappears. We know it is not the devil, because the phenomenon does not do anything more. It disappears if masses and prayers are said for its soul. These apparitions are ways of calling our attention so that prayers be said for it.

End of his words.

So, the existence of the phenomena of those souls in purgatory are sometimes seen when God permits. They should be prayed for. Notice no mention of “medium”.

So yes I’m aware of these instances. However they are rare. What is not rare though is like the thought of a departed person suddenly you think of them and a feeling of compassion overcomes you and you pray for them. This all occurs in your mind and spirit The objectivity of such an occurence is a question in my mind. Something deeply personal and meaningful in an individual’s relationship to God and his fellow Man.

 And the apostles,  who saw Christ walking on water  and mention ghosts,   that doesn't mean they belief in ghosts.  It means that Christ was with them,  God Incarnate, and still it took a while for it to sink in:  He is the Messiah.

This stuff with mediums is of a totally different nature. Its of an evil nature. I think that people ought to pay attention and work towards the elements in their lives that bring about Salvation.

 Salvation what is more important than that?


Not looking to disagree with you but if these apparitions wish to draw our attention to them for the purpose of having us pray for them and have masses said for them, why appear in a menacing, terrifying and unfriendly manner?

If they wish to obtain a POSITIVE benefit from us, why encounter us in a NEGATIVE manner?

Just asking.

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