Recently saw on a thread that Medjogrje did not pass Vatican analysis/judgements. I do not believe this to be true. Last I heard the Church was still investigating.

        Could anyone please provide any further info?  I have been searching on  []( which is an excellent site. 


Tony B.

Medjugorie is NOT an approved apparition and consequently cannot be discussed in these forums.
The Church already investigated and three Bishops Commissions have declared there is no evidence of any supernatural appearances of Mary. AS it did not pass the first approval process step it did not go to Rome.

The site you give is not an excellent site as its the site maintained by the local Franciscans who perpetuate the false impression that the apparitions are real.

yes it is not an apporoved apparition, but its not a disapproved apparition either, it is still being investigated. the first so called step you are speaking of is approval by the local bishop. the bishop of mostar , who was in the communist governemnt’s back pocket when they ran the country, I wouldnt trust anything he says anymore than Id trust something the late kevin uetener said if the vatican wants to they can trump the bishop of mostar if they so please. but with so many fish to fry Id not look for it to happen soon. for me personally Ive know close to a dozen people including a priest that have gone there and they all report mericles, in my eyes calling medugorje fake would be calling them liars, and I take umbridge with anyone who would do that.

The Medjogorji was not approved because many of its message is not in uniform with the teachings of the Church and the Sacred Scripture. I personally did some research on the Medjogorje and it’s not from God.

You can Google search it and you’ll find the arguments against this apparition.

You all know what I think.

And I fully agree with you.

[LEFT]This apparition has been investigated and denied approval by the church.

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