Medjugorje and the Catholic Church


Why does the Pope not approve of the apparitions in Medjugorje? I full heartedly believe in them and I’m curious why the church still does not confirm their validity.

Does anyone else believe in the apparitions?


as Pope Francis says, Our Lady is not a Post office employee


“Does not approve” does not equal “does condemn”.


The church does not confirm or deny the validity of apparitions. It will only determine whether the alleged message given contradicts the faith. If an apparition’s message does not contradict the faith, private veneration will not be prohibited. An authentic apparition will never contradict the faith, while hoaxes, delusions, or mere misunderstandings of natural phenomenon may mix truth and heresy.

In certain cases that are found highly credible, public veneration will be permitted, such as Our Lady of Guadalupe or Fatima. Public veneration is not the same as confirmation, however; the faithful are never required to believe a particular apparition is authentic.

I am not strongly familiar with Medjugorje, but my understanding is that the local bishop is highly skeptical of the persons receiving the alleged revelations, and will not recommend it to the Pope for investigation. The Vatican will rarely investigate without the local recommendation.

The other concern is that the revelations are still ongoing. The Vatican will not risk approving ongoing apparitions, because future messages delivered by the seers may contradict or embarrass the faith.


Can you unpack that? I’m not really familiar with Medjugorje.


He expands on his view here:


She “appears” to the seers on a regular basis. Like a letter carrier with messages. The seers also will schedule events and schedule “appearances.”
Here is a web site with references to original news articles and official documents. One thing that happened in the beginning is that “Our Lady” was advising the local Franciscans to disobey the local Bishop. Never before have I heard of the Blessed Mother taking sides in an argument, let alone advising disobedience to legitimate authority.


I believe that the Apparitions are authentic. The fruits of Medjugorje speak for themselves.

The Vatican is watching. :vatican_city:


The short answer is that you “full heartedly believe in them” but the Pope doesn’t. Neither does Bishop Ratko Peri, within whose diocese Medjugorje lies. Neither, apparently, does Archbishop Emeritus Henryk Hoser, now the Pope’s offical Medjugorje watcher. See the update from Crux, dated May 31, three and a half months ago, posted here (above) by @Cruciferi.


The Church blew it when she didn’t put down the alleged apparitions when they began.

The reason is that they were taking place in a Communist stronghold with the Bosnian civil war taking place. Better to let the apparitions convert people. than to declare them as false.

Now, decades later, the Church is in a bind and doesn’t know what to do, other than to just let them be,



The evidence pretty clearly points against the visions.



Few pro-Medjugorje believes seem to speak about the original priest and adviser to the visionaries, who was defrocked, then unfrocked, but he left the Church.

This what I found.

Pope Benedict XVI unfrocks Medjugorje priest

Father Tomislav Vlasic, the priest who helped to turn the Bosnian town of Medjugorje into one of the Catholic Church’s most visited shrines, has left the priesthood after being placed under investigation by the Vatican.

Father Tomislav Vlasic, the former “spiritual director” to six visionaries who claim that the Virgin Mary visited them nearly 40,000 times over 28 years, has been laicised by Pope Benedict XVI a year after he was placed under investigation over allegations that he exaggerated the apparitions and had engaged in sexual relations with a nun.



Vicka reacts physically to a poke while supposedly in ecstasy.


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