Medjugorje chaplet


Hi everyone,

I have a Medjugorje chaplet, but lost the prayers that go with it long ago, and I can’t seem to find the prayers on the internet. Can someone tell me what the prayers are?

The chaplet beads are light blue. There is a crucifix, then one bead, then a medal of Mary, then 3 beads, a space, one bead, a space, three beads, and so on. There are six sets of 3 beads and 5 single beads (excluding the one before the Mary medal). I hope this isn’t too confusing.




The apparition at Medjugorje is not approved; therefore, by the forums’ rules, I don’t think we are allowed to discuss about the Medjugorje chaplet. You can certainly do a google search though.


Ok. Thank you.

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